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Annihilation Update!

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 20th June 2017 - 15:25 PM

The mode for all of you who hate Power Core because it's a 'MOBA mechanic' is finally here. Annihilation brings back the classic destroy everything that we've all become used to from previous RTS's. Besides Victory Point based games. It's also nice to attack the Stronghold and not the Power Core when the Power Core and Stronghold are right next to each other anyways. Since there are no Shield Gens or Turrets to kill you won't be getting any resources or elite points from them, but Relic has managed to make up for that with an extra resource node for 2v2 and 3v3 maps. There is also a Tireless nerf as much of the community called for it due to Space Marine players spamming Tacticals from the start and rushing to their opponents base to get an advantage. There are other balance concerns like Kyre or other Elites destroying armies by themselves, but Relic has stated they will only be bringing in the Tireless nerf this patch. There is a planned balance patch upcoming as it was confirmed the Tireless nerf was simply 'brought forward' from it. You can read more about the new annihilation mode here and you can read the patch notes down below.

Version# 4.318.6913.16667

  • New modes: Annihilation Classic and Annihilation With Defenses
  • New doctrines: Tarantula Turret, Big Shoota Turret, and Shuriken Grav Platform
  • New map: Mortis Vale (3v3) and (2v2) has been added into the Custom match and Quick-Match map lists
  • Free skins: House Raven Imperial Knight Paladin, Exalted Wraithknight, and Deathskulls Gorkanaut

  • Fixed an issue that makes Elite healing around a player’s HQ and production structures more consistent

Space Marines

Imperial Knight Paladin
  • Fixed an issue where Ion Shield sometimes failed to block certain shots

Imperial Knight Solaria
  • Fixed an issue where Solaria's weapons were not disabled during the wind down of Gatling Barrage
We did buff the damage on Tactical Marines significantly, which we do feel was warranted. However, the Tireless doctrine acted as a multiplier. It allowed them to cover too much of the map and gave too big of an advantage in early skirmishes. We will continue to monitor this doctrine’s usage rate and cross-reference its impact on games.

  • Tireless: Speed bonus decreased from 3 to 1.5
  • Tireless: Speed bonus will kick in 15 seconds after being out of combat, up from 11 seconds
  • Tireless: Speed bonus now begins 15 seconds after spawning a squad of Tactical Marines, instead of instantly
  • Tireless: A decorator icon now displays your progress towards the speed bonus
  • Focused Shot: Fixed an issue where slowed targets did not display the slow icon


  • Changed Sensor Beacon to be single-cast when a group is selected, meaning they won’t all use their ability in the same spot when the order is given
Fire Prism
  • Fire Prisms no longer play their death animation when being levitated (but not killed) by Orbital Bombardment

  • Fixed an issue where Windows taskbars set to the left or top of the screen would not be hidden
  • Fixed issue where skimmer units that were knocked back onto negative space were instantly killed
  • Fixed issue where WAAAGH! Towers would sometimes stop producing scrap
  • Difficulty tuning on several campaign missions (1, 11,12, 13), mostly on Normal difficulty
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 2 where loading a saved game could stop Varlock Guard units from moving
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 6 where the mission could stall if the enemy recaptured one of the two arrays from the player
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 9 where loading a saved game could cause Deffkoptas to fail to enter combat, blocking mission progression
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 13 where Elites sometimes wouldn’t gain experience
  • Fixed a terrain issue on Mission 17 which could cause an Elite to become stuck
  • Fixed most common instances of an issue where spamming hotkeys allowed multiple resource add-ons to be constructed on a single resource point; additional instances of this bug are still being investigated
  • Rotated some heavy cover on Stratum P2-8 near the middle of the map to allow for easier access
  • Fixed a spot on Charon’s Rest where an Elite could become trapped
User Interface
  • Added support for Exclusive Fullscreen and Windowed display options
  • Changed the placement of several front end components to group player name, icon, and Skulls together
  • Fixed an issue where quitting after a match loss would cause units to change colours
  • Fixed disconnect behavior while on the Elite info screen
  • Fixed an issue where the paint scheme list was cut off for players 3, 4, 5, and 6 in an 3v3 lobby
  • Fixed a rare issue where Quick-Match players would become stuck in a black screen after the game countdown
  • Fixed an issue where the Texture Detail option would not correctly save when applied
  • Fixed an overlap issue on the Meganobz mastery skin
Source: Relic