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All you need to know about DoW3 Resources

By -Netput - 15th April 2017 - 17:51 PM

Everybody loves to have a huge fearsome army. Although before you can buy that army, you first need to funds to pay for it. In this guide we will take a closer look at the resources and everything involved around it in Dawn of War 3. This guide first covers the basics and then the more advanced stuff, so make sure to read till the end!

The types of resources

There are 3 types of resources in Dawn of War 3:

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Requisition is the basic resource used for purchasing basic buildings and infantry. Accumulate more Requisition by capturing Resource Points and building Requisition Addons upon them.

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Power is used for purchasing vehicles, upgrades and advanced buildings and infantry. Generate more Power by capturing Resource Points and building Power Addons upon them.

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Elite Points are used to unlock Elites. You earn these points over time and by destroying enemy Shield Generators and Turrets. You can also earn them faster by constructing an Elite Point Add-on at a resource point with an Elite node, which will reduce the Elite timer to 90 seconds per point from 120.

Important to know is that captured points do not generate extra income. Additional funds will be generated only if you build a generator on it.

The minimap

On the minimap you can see the location of the resource points. Near each capture point you will also see 1, 2 or 3 little dots. If you look closely you will see the colors yellow, blue and purple. These colors are an indication of the generator that can be built on it.

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As soon as 1 generator is built on a capture point, you get the option to upgrade the generator for 250 Requisition and 50 Power. In total you can buy 3 upgrades. Each upgrade will grant an additional 25% extra income rate for all Generators that are built on it. This means you can already buy the upgrade before you completed building all Generators on a Resource Point.

Escalation phases

Before we continue slamming stats and numbers at you, it is important to know the importance of Escalation Phases on your income rate. Phase 2, 3 and 4 give you increased income on outposts of respectively +50%, +100% and +150%. This results in a Requisition income of +60, +90, +120, +150 per minute per generator in each Escalation Phase. For Power this is +25, +37.5, +50, +62.5. Therefore it is extremely important to control the map in the later stages of the game. Escalation phases also gives other boosts, check out the Escalation Phases to find out more about that.

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Income rate, Upkeep and Upgrade Costs

The Orks, Eldar and Space Marines all start of with the same income and generate income at exactly the same rate. The starting resources in each game and game mode is 1000 Requisition, 65 Power and 0 Elite Points. Without having any Resource Points with Generators on it, you will already generate income. The standard income rate at the start of the game is +260 Requisition per minute, +25 Power per minute and +1 Elite Point per 120 seconds.

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It is important to know there is also Upkeep. Each unit that you train will cost a certain amount of Upkeep. You can't have an army that is worth more then 200 Upkeep. However be aware that a higher Upkeep will lower your Requisition gain. In your next game, you might want to consider buying a upgrade or building over that extra squad! Do not worry to slam an Elite into your army, they will not cost you any Upkeep. The only option to lower the drain on your Requisition gain is to increase the numbers of Generators you own.

The next important thing to keep in mind is that Generators increase in cost every time you construct a new one. Carefully consider if you can defend the position, else it will be a better idea to buy the Resource Upgrade on easier to defend Resource Point instead. The increased costs are pretty straight forward. Your first Requisition Generator costs 20 Power. Your next Generator will be 27 Power, your 3rd one 34 Power, etc. The same mechanic applies to Power Generators. Your first Power Generators will cost you 80 Requisition. The 2nd one 96 Requisition, the 3rd one 112 Requisition, etc, etc.

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With this information in mind you should be ready to make the right choices on the battlefield. Plan your strategy carefully, because making the wrong choices will lose you the game!

Guide written by -Netput

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