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Jelly’s Orky Trukkin’ Blobstompa

By Jelly - 3rd May 2017 - 18:48 PM

Many claim Dawn of War 3 quickly devolves into a blob vs blob feast, especially in 2v2s and 3v3s. Getting a critical mass of rangers, wraithguards, or any ranged unit, and then attack-moving them is easy and effective in lower skill matches. This guide outlines a strategy for using the Ork trukk with Nobz and other payloads to demolish any blob you may encounter.

We’ll also be abusing many free reinforcement and shielding mechanics to prevent and replenish losses, allowing you to sustain your aggression at practically no cost.

The Essential Pieces

Trukk - A severely underused piece of the Ork roster. This cheap low-requirement vehicle has no damage of its own, but it has tremendous utility. Units, that would be mowed down on their charge, are instead catapulted by this marvel of Ork engineering right where your opponent doesn’t want them: up close and personal.

The launch carries two charges that replenish rapidly, stun opponents on landing, and scale extremely well with doctrines. Take note of its hotkeys: E to eject the first unit type. X to launch the second. W to launch a suicide bomber. These will shift around depending on what’s loaded.

IPB Image

Stormboyz - Another underused elite which makes the strategy shine. Stormboyz are an early elite and produce terrifying damage with their Suicide Bomma ability. The ability does damage comparable to Zapnoggin’s Fist of Gork without any need for scrap and with significantly less advertising involved. They also serve as a passable jumping melee squad that can tie up stray enemies who don’t get caught in your nob blender. Very cost-effective.

IPB Image

Terrible, terrible damage.

Nobz - One of the strongest units in the Ork’s roster and perhaps one of the strongest in the game. Nobz come afield early (3 WAAAGH! towers and a Boyz Hut) for a hefty price of 200 energy. For that energy you aquire a beefy squad with heavy armor (tank armor) which your opponent will rarely be prepared to answer. Their normal melee damage is effective against infantry but ineffective against armor. Their explosive armor passive will destroy anything (including buildings) if they’re allowed to fight long enough. With taunts and continuous stuns from a trukk this will happen often.

IPB Image

Nobz trigger their explosive armor, decimating nearby squads.

Gorgutz - 4 elite points well spent. Gorgutz has little damage but is one of the tankiest elites in the game, his health rivaling some 6-7 point elites. His spinnin’ klaw ability pushes this advantage even further by eating up ranged attacks. We’ll be using him as a disruptor, tank, and duelist. We'll also take advantage of his Presence doctrine and scrap ability to replenish losses for free.

Elite and Army Doctrines

It’s important to understand the difference between an Elite's Presence versus Command Doctrine. “Presence” are only active while the elite is deployed and alive, while “Commands” are always active.

Elite Doctrines

Stormboyz's Command: Suicide Bommas, “When loaded with units, trukks eject a Stormboy, suiciding on the target position. Causes stun and damage in a circle.”

This is the bread and butter of the build. It has tremendous damage and having it on a shoddy 300 requisition trukk is too good to pass up.

IPB Image

Gorgutz's Presence: Healin’ WAAAGH!, “When Gorgutz is deployed, a successful WAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! heals in addition to its usual effects.”

Free reinforcements for your squads and healing for your elites, just fer rokkin’ out. Wot a bargain!

Your third Elite may be any you like.

Army Doctrines
Healin’ Scrap, “Non-elite units heal after looting scrap.”

I’m almost convinced this is a must-have for the Orks. It provides utility in the free reinforcements from your WAAAGH! tower scrap, as well as giving you that crucial edge in early fights by healing and upgrading mid-battle.

IPB Image

Nobz snag some scrap off the ground, healing a chunk of their health before the enemy Gorgutz catches on.

Stukk In, “When Nobz die they grant stacking bonuses to the surviving squad members. Increases damage, speed and reduces ability cooldowns.”

This buff is extremely pronounced and comes into play often since your Nobz will be eating damage for breakfast. Once they’re down to the last ork, a nob squad may easily solo early elites like Macha. The extra speed will also help them retreat when you need them to.

Gorgutz's Command: Keep Trukk’n, “Units ejected from trukks gain a temporary shield and taunt in a circle.”

Another well-pronounced effect. The taunt isn’t as desirable as the shield since the launch stuns units; the taunt is redundant. The shield, however, is effective at helping your Nobz survive long enough to explode on your enemies. It will even make squishy units, like shootas and gretchin, tank some damage without losing any models. All the power of the Eldar Battle Focus but more orky and hardcore.

IPB Image

Oops! We launched the slugga we were trying to extract!

IPB Image

The lone slugga taunts an entire army and braces for death.

IPB Image

A suicide bomma follow-up obliterates the mass and stuns the remains, giving our boy a chance to escape!
(Yes, he made it out alive)

Honorable Mentions

K’mon!, “Nobz gain a shield when they taunt. If the shield is broken it slows in a circle.”

Not bad, but not good enough. The slow may help prevent enemies from retreating, although it’s harder to proc than you’d think since, often, you’ll be taunting ranged units with puny melee attacks. Chain your skills together without this and you shouldn’t have a problem with stragglers.

MegaNobz's Presence: Explosions are Fun!, “When megaNobz are deployed, the explosions from Nobz explosive armor heals in a circle.”

This would be fantastic as a command but as a presence it’s horrible. MegaNobz are a waste of 6 points, which you’ll already be spending on Stormboyz and Gorgutz. For sacrificing 6 more points, you’ll have a bunch of ghetto terminators with a decent doctrine stapled on. Not worth it.

Gorkanaut’s Presence: Tuffa Boyz , “When the Gorkanaut is deployed, a successful WAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! reduces incoming damage in addition to its usual effects.”

I haven’t tried this yet so I’ll stop short of recommending it. You’ll be giving up Beauty and her free gretchin, shield, and better gretchin repair, all of which make her the better front-liner.


From your HQ: 1 Gretchin, 1 Sluggas. Send your starting gretchin to build a forward Boyz Hut (typically, this will be next to the nearest resource point). Send the second gretchin to build a WAAAGH! tower next to it. Rally the sluggas to your forward base.

IPB Image

Build 2 Shoota Boys from the Boyz hut. When the first shoota arrives, channel the WAAAGH! tower. Attack the nearest high value target when the WAAAGH! buff deploys. While buffed, your orks will win against most forces your opponent may muster at this point, unless something goes horribly wrong. Spread out and keep enemy high damage ranged units tied up by the sluggas. Don’t be afraid to loot scrap mid fight (from a drop pod, for example), especially if an enemy Ork is nearby.

Pull back severely damaged squads to your forward base, where they can heal with scrap from the WAAAGH! tower and redeploy with another WAAAGH! Buff. Continue making attacks of opportunity as they reveal themselves. Deploy another infantry squad and Stormboyz if you need them, otherwise save your points for Gorgutz. Set up and upgrade your generators.

Build a second WAAAGH! tower and a Dakka Hut. Get a trukk and upgrade it with scrap immediately. Load it with some sluggas.


Find a blob: scout it with stealthed gretchins. Wait for an attack or attack a high value position to draw them out. WAAAGH! up if possible. Position the trukk just in firing range (this is nearly the same as the launch range) and rally your troops around it. Send Gorgutz or a nob squad forward for vision or as bait, if necessary.

When the blob shows up, launch Nobz, Gorgutz, or boyz right on top of it. Use the Nobz’s taunt to tighten the blob. Launch a suicide bomma right on top of the mess. Watch the splatter of giblets that used to be your opponent’s army.

IPB Image

Rinse and repeat until the fight is over, supporting with your stormboyz’s suicide and jump as needed. Load any damaged units back into the trukk: they do this instantly when it’s in range. Pull the trukk forward if necessary, and use the reverse function to pull it back (hotkey: R). Drive them out or jettison them to the rear so they can limp back to base on their own.

Assaulting a Tower

WAAAGH! up. Launch Gorgutz as close to the tower as possible without driving into the radius. Order him to move behind the tower and spin up his klaw. Launch Nobz and advance auxiliary forces.

IPB Image

You can also do this with Nobz if Gorgutz isn’t available, but they’ll require more micromanaging. The tower's charged shot will one-shot the nob squad if you don’t dance them around. I don’t recommend assaulting the tower without either of them.

With a decent number of ranged units supporting you the tower should fall within 20 seconds, a bit slower if your opponents trigger the tower’s stun. You can grapple Gorgutz back into the trukk so long as you avoiding hitting the tower with the klaw.


  • While Gorgutz is deployed, use your WAAAGH! Towers to heal your army after a fight. This saves you a ton of resources and often has the side-effect of confusing your opponent. Don’t forget to use Gorgutz’s scrap upgrade to heal as well.
  • After getting your first trukk, your energy should be saved up for Nobz. You should still build and upgrade defensible generators - don’t be that git.
  • After deploying the Nobz, DO NOT UPGRADE THEM! While the choppa toss is brutal if used right, the scrap is much more useful as a healing mechanic. Reinforcing a nob squad is extremely expensive. Your WAAAGH! towers or Gorgutz may not always be available, and healing mid-fight can often turn a lost battle or save a dead squad.
  • Halt shoota production and replace them with tankbustas eventually, usually after you’ve begun using Nobz.
  • When you find yourself with excess requisition throw down a Pile o' Gunz and prioritize vehicle health upgrades (which benefit Nobz)..


  • Although Nobz, Gorgutz and Boyz are the best uses of the trukk’s launch, it can function with pretty much anything, even gretchin! Don’t waste the opportunity to stun and disrupt your opponent, and don’t let your Suicide Bomma sit around off cooldown. Load shootas or anything else nearby and punch it!
  • If your ally is attacking a nearby location immediately at the start of the match then don’t wait around for the WAAAGH buff. Convince them to wait if you can.
  • Keep an eye out for scrap, especially drop pods, that can be used to upgrade and reinforce your boys in the field, even mid-fight.
  • Slugga Boyz’ Shout ability stacks with the WAAAGH tower buff. Begin channeling it when the WAAAGH tower reads 8 seconds remaining to get the most of it.
  • Building your Trukk out of scrap can save you a ton of requisition. You can do this with any medium (2 scrap) pile as soon as you get your Dakka Hut up.
  • Your trukk execution is significantly easier if you can get used to control groups. I keep Nobz/sluggas on 1, trukk and ranged infantry attachment on 2, Gorgutz on 3, and stormboyz on 4.
  • Build a second trukk later on if you need it. The first trukk may become overwhelmed with too many payloads and having another Suicide Bomma available is obviously good, if a bit overkill. Be warned: having more vehicles inevitably worsens their already bad pathing.
  • Enemy drop pods seem to collapse faster if you walk over them, although this might be a placebo. Try it anyway and let me know if it works.


Watch out for the following:
  • True or Armor Piercing damage nukes, including Fist of Gork, Venerable Dreadnought’s Maximal Charge, and the Kommado’s improvised explosives (especially with large scrap heaps around). These will annihilate your Nobz if you aren’t careful.
  • Macha stasis. Extremely annoying, but easily interrupted with a Suicide Bomma or any taunt/knockback.
  • Rear-positioned anti-armor such as lascannons or shadow specters. This is the earliest and cheapest counter to Nobz and should provoke a retreat from you if you can’t improvise a solution.
  • Enemy Nobz. These fights are essentially decided by who can proc their explosive armor first. If they have the advantage, use Gorgutz to slow and damage them with his spinnin’ klaw until they’ve exploded, then move back in for the kill. The explosion damage is irrespective of the model count and always triggers at the center of the mob.
  • Wraithblades. These are higher-tech and more expensive than Nobz and trade well against them, even if you manage to set off explosive armor. Make sure you have tankbustas and tank with Gorgutz where possible. Use your taunt when they’re nearly out of shields to prevent them from using their escape mechanism.
  • Assault terminators. Their stun ability does huge point-blank damage at a fairly low cooldown, however once they’ve spent it they’re fair game. Keep a taunt or stun ready to interrupt their teleportation.
Blobbing is boring to play and boring to watch, and the sooner you punish someone for it the better off we’ll be. So get trukkin’ and smash some gits!


IPB Image

Guide written by Jelly. Edit by Yukiko

PS) For a nice (Dawn of War 3) chat, join our Discord server!

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