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Dawn of War 3 Replay Section Launched!

By -Netput - 30th April 2017 - 09:45 AM

Greetings! The Dawn of War 3 Replay System is now online.

Replays may be uploaded, downloaded, or discussed within their own topics. While guests are unable to comment in these topics, they are able to upload their replays, although these may be accessed only via a link. Be aware that any replay may be uploaded only once. Moving on, one may search for replays by maps, match-ups, events or players.

How to Download a Replay

Downloading a replay is simple: Find the replay you want, open its topic and hit the "Download" button.

IPB Image

You'll be prompted for a destination folder. Please select your game's playback folder (found within "(My) Documents/My Games/Dawn of War III"). If the replay is placed anywhere else, the game won't find it and you can't watch it.

To watch the replay, go in-game, switch to the Learn tab and then find the Replays tab underneath. Next, select the replay you want and hit load.

How to Upload a Replay

Go to the Dawn of War 3 Replay tab and click the "Upload" tab.

Give your replay a title and a description. Then use the "Browse" button to find the replay on your computer. Usually, your own replays from the game are in that folder we mentioned before, under My Documents.

Hit upload and you're away. If you're a guest, you can learn more about uploading a replay as a guest in this article; New Replay System Features!


Replays are an excellent learning tool for anyone, from a starter to an expert player. There's plenty to learn from other people's play and there is plenty more to be learnt from one's own replays. Particularly if things went wrong. Discussing replays is a lot of fun too. With that, we hope you will enjoy our Dawn of War 3 Replay System.