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Dawn of War 3 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

All you need to know about DoW3 Resources

Saturday, 15 Apr 2017
Everybody loves to have a huge fearsome army. Although before you can buy that army, you first need to funds to pay for it. In this guide we will take a closer look at the resources and everything involved around it in Dawn of War 3. This guide first covers the basics and then the more advanced...
Strategy Guide

Orks Proxy Base Strategy

Sunday, 9 Apr 2017
Although we are still learning the game, it is nice to have a strategy available for whenever you start playing Dawn of War 3. This guide will focus on the Orks, combined with aggressive play, a forward WAAARGH! Tower and Boyz Hut. The Build orderSend your first Gretchin to the top resource...
Strategy Guide

Escalation phases - What are they?

Saturday, 8 Apr 2017
Before entering the Dawn of War 3 battlefields, it is good to know that are different Escalation Phases in each match. The Escalation Phases are a important part of the game, as they greatly impact the way you can and should play. Escalation Phases occur every ten minutes in a multiplayer match,...
Strategy Guide

Guide: Help me in my first Multiplayer games!

Friday, 7 Apr 2017
When you launch a new RTS game there is always that inevitable moment. The moment that you look at your freshly started match and you have absolutely no idea how to start. The UI seems confusing and the buildings and units on your screen make no sense to you. As we are one of the few lucky ones...
Strategy Guide

Official Multiplayer tutorial

Thursday, 6 Apr 2017
With the release of Dawn of War 3 coming closer and closer, Relic released a Multiplayer Tutorial for the community. In the video you'll learn about getting ready for your first multiplayer match. This includes picking your army, army customization, choosing army and elite doctrines, game goals,...