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Dawn of War 3

Starved for power - the faction

#1MrBenis  Jun 16 2017, 08:10 AM -
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Getting technically out teched and outplayed by AOE slowing monsters known as devastators or lootas isn't fun, especially when considering you also have the best t1 melee unit in the game and a hero that can tank a whole army while taunting.

Called a surrender ~15 minute mark because didn't need to see the game played out. A passive ally who turtled and lost both his points, I couldn't cap bottom despite 15 minutes of effort to that effect. This is where eldar really fail, fighting 2000hp waagh towers while copping gunfire from AOE shooters with more range than anything that can shoot back (bar rangers at 20 power each).

Games like this... I wonder...
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