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Dawn of War 3

3v3 annihilation, sm sm ork vs eldar eldar sm

#1MrBenis  Jun 28 2017, 07:55 AM -
Replays: 17
Got my base killed at least 3 times by the enemy, backdoor webway/WP action in to the rear of the poorly defended enemy base leading me to killing their HQs several times each, killing all their production structures and eventually swamping the enemy in overwhelming numbers for the win.

Key learnings: wraithblades significantly improved, devastators/scoutsniper/ranger spammers still exist and they're still terrible, 3pt chaplain is a huge problem thanks to his invulnerability/shield powers. Not saying I think he needs a nerf, but coming out at 3pts definitely is a good place for him and I expect him and gabriel to become good friends.
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