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Dawn of War 3

3v3 Don't play passively

#1MrBenis  Jul 17 2017, 15:26 PM -
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So while I test this game trying to work out the stuttering, input lag and BSOD's I've been getting with SEGA support, I had a game here where the lesson is pretty simple.

Don't get passive. Be aggressive. If you set up defensively you need to be communicating intent with your comrades. Something I often see with some players (normally the same guys day after day) is how they sit around hugging their buildings waiting to fully replenish a squad before pushing out.

Take a look at all your replays and think about the number of times you ended a fight, retreated to a position of reinforcement and then waited an waited to get more bodies. Then look at the enemy position, a good portion of the time if you won that skirmish he will have only a couple of builders and maybe a single viable combat squad. You could easily push his position if you wanted. Especially if you see the enemy building listening posts everywhere those things aren't cheap.

Sun Tzu said you must attack your enemies position of weakness and retreat from an enemies position of strength. Remember that at all times.
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