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Dawn of War 3

Everything wrong with the game in a single replay

Charon's Rest (2p)
Charon's Rest (2p)
#1Bigamo  Sep 6 2017, 20:20 PM -
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lol at this game. biggrin.gif

So, first we see lovelly totally not overpowered Eldar not bleeding cause of good micro. Every unit without shield but totally not overpowered Eldar don't bleed.

Then we see what a single 2 point elite does with the game.

And to finish the cheese we see imbamacha fair and balanced giving 75% damage reduction to imbanshees making then immortal...

I am done with this game untill Relic escale early game infantry. StarCraft Remastered here i go to you! <3

Auni Himself made a thread in Relic forums before the patch saying that nothing would change in the meta, with early elites still rulling and infantry spam still being the way to play. Guess what, he ws right.
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