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Dawn of War 3

Jain Zar W (leap) bug

Shrine of Asuryan (2p)
Shrine of Asuryan (2p)
Eldar VindicareX
Orks Saya
#1VindicareX  Oct 21 2017, 23:26 PM -
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3 or 4 times this game I activated her W, only for it to get bugged out, freeze as she stands-still in the same "in motion" animation while using the ability.

At the end of this freeze, the ability doesn't go off.

It was clipping on both corners and even when she ran into shootas (at point blank range) - it still didn't go off.
#2S4ngetsu  Oct 22 2017, 08:31 AM -
Ya, same with Macha blast, hitbox is sometimes far off the spear...
Should be fixed asap, those bugs have been in the game for too long now!!!
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