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Dawn of War 3


Charon's Rest (2p)
Charon's Rest (2p)
#1Yogimanz  Jun 26 2017, 14:32 PM -
Replays: 10
the streak killer
#2n0ave  Jun 26 2017, 14:44 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
You are incredible in mid and late game with your Nobz and Weirdboy micro.

I have delayed my predators so much because of your constant pressure, I keep pressing caps lock (Select ALL) to move servitors to repair my listening posts and I didn't finish the Cult Mechanicus in time. Once it was ready I queued 2 predator devastators.

Also in the last fight, the Weirdboy teleport and Q was AMAZING.

The amount of pressure you can put even after losing early boy squads is very impressive, best Ork player by far!
#3Yogimanz  Jun 26 2017, 14:57 PM -
Replays: 10
It was actually my pleasure to lose to such an unorthodox strategy (and it was about time to lose anyway hehe). GG indeed
#4GuruSkippy  Jun 26 2017, 15:11 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
I fucking hope Relic won't patch the game before I come home.
I have to watch this.
#5Lord Agion  Jun 27 2017, 00:08 AM -
Replays: 0
I have casted this replay. It can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOfKBjn4lwg.
#6Dullahan  Jun 28 2017, 02:55 AM -
Replays: 85 Game:
Pretty dominant game in the favour of N0ave.

I think your early game is really interesting, N0ave, but your mid game is a bit weak to early armour units. There's a huge window between T2 and you getting your first predator out where you are very vulnerable.

That said, it was fun to watch and Yogi had some great Weirdboy usage.

#7ToxicShock  Jul 3 2017, 10:34 AM -

Replay of the Week Award for this one. Congratulations!
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