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Dawn of War 3

20 minute 3v3s: Dread Rush + Surprise Ass Termies

#1Liet  May 26 2017, 00:53 AM -
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My only regret is not hitting W when my Assault Terminators arrived. sad.gif

Personally, I like longer drawn out 3v3s, but this quick game-ending Dread drop strategy got used on me. I thought it was infuriating cheese, and so of course I'm trying it out. It'll make you giggle like a schoolgirl when you pull it off. smile.gif

Basically, you just pull the standard ASM power sword cheese, tech for dreads, and get that gun down before the 20m mark. Later, whatever the escalation, when their armies are elsewhere you get vision near the core and use the Killteam to drop another elite + the Dreads right on the core. Chances are, unless they're specifically ready to counter it, it's a win. I was sloppy with this one and still won.

For faster results skip infantry upgrades. I just do em because I love each and every little soldier. Also don't bleed ASMs like me.

Critiques and tips?
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