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Dawn of War 3

[Reviewed] Best Spacemarine vs Spacemarine game ever

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#1MperorM  May 3 2017, 21:14 PM -
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combat literally all game long
#2-Netput  May 4 2017, 15:46 PM -
I actually watched this game on Twitch! Based on that I couldn't wait to see the replay as well, as this game is SICK biggrin.gif

Elites selected: Dreadnought, Gabriel, Killteam
Build order: 2 Servitors into aggressive forward barracks

  • Your opening is really really aggressive. Near the middle point of the enemy team. Really a bold move that is high risk, high reward! Same with the focus on the aggressive capture points on the side of the enemy.
  • I assume the Scout Sniper squad in your Drop Pod was a mistake as a assault marine squad would've been a way better choice.
  • Nice capturing most of the points on the map during early game when all the fighting was going on. Really delayed the possible income rate from your opponent a lot. He couldn't send units back to destroy the generators on it, so well done.
  • You missed quite a few Grenades. I am sure you noticed it and where quite annoyed by it as well.
  • Don't blob your units. This is a mistake both of you guys did quite often. A grenade that stunned 3 or more units happened more then once!
A really, really fun game to watch! Non stop action from minute 1 till the end. You got him down just in time, else he would have gotten his ASM true damage blades. I am not sure if you would've survived much longer after that!

Promoted to SILVER REPLAY and a contender for GOLD REPLAY (silver/gold?)
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#3madmandrit  May 5 2017, 00:30 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
This was a joy to watch! Lot's of misplays but in that moment I doubt anyone would be perfect biggrin.gif!
#4Freigeist  May 5 2017, 07:05 AM -
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Imo it was a very big mistake to constantly fight around the other SMs barracks, eventually reinforcing enough units to overrun you.

Why exactly did you do that ?
#5-Netput  May 5 2017, 09:27 AM -
Staff vote is in and we decided not to promote it to Gold.
I think this quote sums up pretty well why not:
It's a good demonstration of a tug of war back and forth for position and micro but that's all it is. Gold replays should show more dynamics of a match

Still very much worth a watch though! biggrin.gif
#6S4ngetsu  May 5 2017, 19:17 PM -
Good fight dude! Mixalich is a well known DoW1 player - well done beating him =)
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