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Dawn of War 3

High level Rank Eldar vs SM

Crucible of Vaul (4p)
Crucible of Vaul (4p)
#1S4ngetsu  Jun 10 2017, 23:54 PM -
So i post this game for all the poor Eldars out there who havn't found a counter yet to an agressive SM Tacs opener =) <3

We were practicing Eldar build openers vs good players and this is the only build that worked well on this map against SM.

When you have your DA and Shee squad out you want to prevent him to build his Barracks - most people would have attacked the builder but that is actually bad. So allways focus the building, never the builder. Even if he cancels the building he won't get back all of the ressources so it's defenitely worth it. Also buildings under construction take way more damage compared to finished buildings - take that in mind.

After the banner drop you have to back out, you can't win the fight no matter what you do (sadface). Then as soon as it times out you go in and fight for the point. Scorpions also helped a lot so i recommend to have them as well.

It's a nice game with a lot of pressure all over the map.
#2BogyWashington  Jul 30 2017, 03:25 AM -
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Want to watch but its to old !:(
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