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Dawn of War 3

vs ASM doctrine

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Charon's Rest (2p)
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#1HARRYY  Aug 8 2017, 16:30 PM -
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Typically, an SM which is focussing on early ASM has to give up some mapcontrol where hes currenlty not at. so I just settled down a bit up front his base with an LP +chapel, hrhr =)

As expected ASM where incoming but I somehow managed to split them a bit, or just carried the casualties due to lost gens/req-gens for other goals. I was taking the fights where I would dominate him with only a few casualties: and that was up front my LP + the chapel to reinforce stuff - close to his shield gen.

In the progress of the match he lost some ASM squads, but still had his sniper scouts in the back. he was a bit too baffled to use them to full extend then.

In Tier T2 I was switching from a heavy devastator build to a surprising 3 or 4 ASM build + power swords - beating him with ASM hehe. Those ASM then obliterated most of his units one after the other.

- Most of the time I was ignoring Diomedes and focussed down his units instead. to seal the deal I dropped a dreadnought pretty late-game supported by the Paladin ^^
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