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Dawn of War 3


Mork's Mire (2p)
Mork's Mire (2p)
#1Yogimanz  Jul 17 2017, 08:46 AM -
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Pretty crazy game
#2OriGinS.  Jul 17 2017, 11:10 AM -
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Now that's a nice game. Probably shouldn't have gone wraithblades I think. Elendi had a big advantage but he kept tossing away those expensive ass wraithblades. Maybe just get a ton of wraithgaurd and then hide a worker in a bush for a webway portal, so when Yogi waaghs to move out you can go through the portal and one shot the core before he even notices. You can even macha shield your wraithgaurds so that if you don't one shot the core you can just bring them back safely through the portal.
#3onmy0wn  Jul 17 2017, 16:43 PM -
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Critical mass Killa Kans. That'd be annoying I am sure. Well done Yogi ! Did not think you'd come back !
#4Bigamo  Jul 18 2017, 04:36 AM -
Replays: 65 Game:
This game pretty much ilustrates everything that is wrong with the game. Thank you for posting. I swear i naver have seem someone so desperate for losing as this Eldar guy after his cheese worked. He simply attacked, attacked and attacked without any reason to, keep losing army after army and after the first army wipe he should have lost map control, but he didn't cause of objective crazy income + getting 35% of his loses back with escalation. When the refund stops finally he loses... But he spend 30 minutes of the 40 minutes game desperate to lose and game mechanics didn't let.
#5S4ngetsu  Jul 18 2017, 16:43 PM -
Thanks for posting, finally a good Eldar player here. Elendi played the early game PERFECTLY, was really nice to see.
On the other hand Yogi DID NOT play perfectly at all. He spent sooo mutch requisition in the early game to power gens instead of building new units. That's the reason why he lost so hard and couldn't stop the Eldar pressure.
Elendi didn't build a single power gen until the 6 min mark. Because of this he was able to mass way more units and was able to destroy the shield generator at 6:20 - then snowballed because of it.
He instantly researched shadow spectres after the shield gen got destroyed, he knew that Nobz were going to come, so far he played perfectly and SHOULD HAVE won because of his insane early lead.
Then Elendi fucked up by going too agressive on the Turrets, losing spectre squads and a lot of dark reaper.
If he would have played more defensively at this point and get all his gens and upgrades up he would have been in a mutch better sitiuation.
He still would have won due to mutch more req and power income if he didn't mass banshee's after the 17 min mark for some weird reason instead of reaper and anti heavy armor units.
The game was thrown hard by Elendi but still a nice game and perfectly played in phase 1.

This doesn't mean that Eldar are suddenly ballanced or even overpowered just because Yogi got completely outplayed and stomped in phase 1.
Sm and Ork are still way stronger, especially on all the other maps. Yeah - map ballance is a problem too.
Also nice show by Yogi how broken Killa Kans are. Unbelievable he was able to come back with only that unit spam even tho he lost map control pretty mutch since the start.
#6ToxicShock  Jul 24 2017, 17:18 PM -

This replay got Replay of the Week. Congratulations! Does anyone know who Elendi is on gamereplays so I can give him his award?
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