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Dawn of War 3

38 min match vs. ORK (Foxclaw)

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#1HARRYY  Sep 7 2017, 18:10 PM -
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I hope hes doesnt mind posting this replay. It was a long, close (at least it felt like it) and entertaing match. I used to camp and blob more in this match , which I dont like in general. But I need to adapt to the new patch and play less straight-forward now. Just trying to keep a critical mass and try to sit on your ECO when you have the advantage. then try to roll up against your opponent when you used your Advantage for quite some time. I dont know if its just me and I also predicted it in the official Forums: but with the new patch the game feels more campy and stall. It definately wiped some excitement for me.

The difference in ESC I + II is something that feels awkward.

enjoy the replay! Orks are still not easy to play against for me. I really hate Stormboys in conjunction with all the stuns and slows. My guess is that Foxclaw should not have split his stormboys that much, they operate much better together with their army to make sure, squads get wiped. Oh, and seriously I hate Kommandosnobb as well, need to spam servitors..... jesus. Its hard to manage to have one around all the time and even then, you might not notice it as youre microing other things, and BOOOOM.

Killed his Gorkanaut after I dodged his fists. I have to admit, I was a bit lucky there with a well placed orbi and gaybe :>

ps: I like foxclaw very much, hes so entertainig , I love to watch his YouTube vids .

gg wp
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