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Dawn of War 3

E [Cataclaw] vs. SM [TarNation]

#1cataclaw  Jun 3 2017, 23:30 PM -
Replays: 1
Two top players in the leaderboard go fight eachother.
#2Liet  Jun 4 2017, 02:03 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
TarNation used the req gen exploit. Sad.

Really nice use of Fortune. Them Banshees were almost tanky. smile.gif
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#3Spectre  Jun 4 2017, 02:38 AM -
some people will do anything to win
#4moolyftw  Jun 4 2017, 15:00 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Great game! Pretty good play from both sides for most of the game, some really incredible fights and a great example of playing Eldar this patch.

I'm promoting this replay to Silver!
#5-Netput  Jun 8 2017, 08:21 AM -
Gave both Cata + Tarnation the silver replay award thum.gif
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