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Dawn of War 3

Help with my Eldar game?

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#1Liet  May 16 2017, 21:56 PM -
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Hola dudes. I'm hoping for tips with, well... all aspects of my game. This game felt like I needed to be more aggressive at times. smile.gif

I'm trying to avoid what feels like obvious cheese, with the exception of Scorps, as they're so useful early game that I hurt my chances if I don't use them. I'm trying to use a wide variety of earlygame units and practice fight micro.

Midgame I knew I'd won it so I was sloppy, and am trying to figure out how to address the float. Seems like I'm always busy fighting or microing or building something, hehehe

EDIT: Yeah, I know it could've been won earlier, but we were chatting while my Taldeer was pulling a Benny Hill circular chase on a landspeeder. smile.gif
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