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Dawn of War 3

[Reviewed] best dawn of war game ive played. GG

Charon's Rest (2p)
Charon's Rest (2p)
#1-Netput  May 15 2017, 20:18 PM -
I'm not totally up to par with the latest meta game, but I really loved this game. I did feel the early game was a bit slow, but that is probably just how the game currently is played. Thought the SM could be a bit more aggressive though.

Overall a very very nice game that has both T1, T2 and T3 units. Some very epic fights, but I do think that the party that dominated the early and mid game should have taken the win. He got a bit too comfortable with his advantage and should've transitioned into T3 way sooner. The Tech advantage of the other party made him win this game. Very action packed and great to watch!

Gave it a WUB and promoted to SILVER replay!

PS) Why did you try to build a arsenal at his side of the map bikerush?
PS2) Granted you your silver award! If Galahad replies here was well, i can grant him his award as well.
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