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Dawn of War 3

Long 3v3 Battle

Video Type:Commentary
Players/Teams:Zunko, Mercenary55, Chauve Qui Peut, Lombombadom, Eversor, Technocrat
Discussion for: Long 3v3 Battle
Thank you so much for making the effort to cast this game, great to see people trying to support the game and the community. You seem to have done a good job with your panning and camera angles and keeping track of the fights.

If you don't mind a tiny bit of constructive criticism, rather than describing what is happening such as "here we have two banshee squads fighting theses ASM" (which the viewer can see), comment on the quality of the player's actions eg "this looks like a bad fight for the banshees and they should pull out". I guess, try to describe what the players are trying to achieve or try to predict what the players should be doing next. Maestro cretella does this well if you want an example.

Sorry to criticise, I do appreciate the effort and look forward to more casts from you
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