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2v2 Tourney Team 9 vs 10

#1Naur  Apr 25 2010, 16:24 PM -
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Game 2
#2pacov  Apr 26 2010, 02:06 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
watched this replay as well and thought I'd provide some commentary. No offense meant to anyone, I'm just going to call things as I see them. I'll be tracking Kolleckir and his play style this time around. As listed, he's playing as da with oak as a teammate.

koll begins the match by purchasing scaled helm + banded. He starts with spine attack 1. He does not choose a favor item initially. His playstyle is harassment oriented at the start. Harassment, without a chance to get a kill, but enough to show reg he is going to be abused alot if he goes for snipes. At lv 2, he goes warp strike. Once he hits level 4, he's gets another level in warpstrike + spine. At 5, he goes swap. He's just playing relaxed style at this point, changing flags up with the reg as they float back and forth between mana and xp. At 4 min in, he's level 6 with no favor selected. Whenever he catches reg, he harasses some more, but no chance for a kill yet. naur micro'd a monk to him, so he has a steady regen rate as reg tries to snipe him. He hits level 7 about 5:40 sec and runs back to base... he buys 2 tp's and 1 sigil. very interesting that he didn't bother with any upgrades for himself - odds are he'll buy currency soon for the team. naur has a very close call at 6:20 seconds where rook gets him down to like 20 hp. He barely escapes, but what I like is that kollector was at middle paying very close attention to the reg on the other team. And he let the reg know that he was there with a spine attack and fake swap. This saved his teammate and almost scored him a kill because reg was preoccupied for a moment with the kill potential. oh, at level 7, he got another level in spine + warp strike. At 7:33, he buys currency - this was about 20 seconds after they hit level 3, so they are pretty efficient. At 8:20, koll gets his first new piece of armor - nimoth. Reg makes a huge mistake at 9:30... he goes for a flag at mid while he has low hp and both naur and koll port right in... even if he has a sigil, jorune is not getting out of this. Interestingly enough, koll got no money for the kill. Looks like naur landed the only hits needed to drop him. Anyway, first blood hits at 9:35 or so. Somewhere in there koll decided to go botf. Not exactly sure when.

Around the 10 minute mark, its pretty clear that jorune is getting frustrated. naur and koll chase ouch away, then reg decides he's going to try to spike some damage in a 2v1 situation (not in his favor). He does to lay mines and gets interrupted by a pent. So he takes about 2 steps back by his tower, and snipes. Kollecktir does not approve of that and spikes him with damage, then chases him to his death. Another kill at 10:57. At this point, its just about good game. Koll has 2700 gold with scaled helm, banded armor, nimoth, 2 ports, 1 sigil, and botf. He's level 9 and chose 1 level of speed upgrade back in there (he has 1 point left to spend when he hits 10).

Koll heads back to base and gets vlemish. He sees reg at the center trying to take a flag and goes nuts on him. Very aggressive style of play, but he's got a sigil so he can do what he wants. Spine/warp/aa... then swap... warp... reg has to port back to back in the middle of his own towers as he's down to 600 hp. Koll shops again, gets hauberk of life + 1 lock.

At 13:05, reg decides to engage naur as naur is working on their right tower. He's hardly denting him. Koll is at middle and runs straight to reg... reg gets ganked again... and now they have more money. At 14 minutes in, everyone is at level 9, except reg (7). Reg has 3 deaths - 2 by koll, 1 by naur.

At 14:39, Koll is just getting cocky. He's down to 2000 hp or so (that's about 50% for him) and he ports over to i think a full HP reg by himself and starts unloading onto the reg again. He takes a little bit of a beating, rook ports in to help him this time. Reg gets away, koll goes sigil and escapes without any issue. He runs back to shop, buys another sigil, and is off to fight again. At 15:32, jorune dies again to naur this time in a solo fight by one of regs towers. At 16:59, koll sells scaled helm and gets narmoths ring. He's level 10 (guess what he abilities he upgraded at 10... just guess) and his hp is now 6526. At 18:30 or so, he sells banded amor and buys plenor. At at 19:32 he and naur overpower ouch and I stop watching... I can only guess how this ends.

In summary, just based on what I saw Koll had a nice damage spam da build and had great map awareness. Seemed like he was whereever he was needed. He made quite a few attacks that wouldn't really have any impact other than to make sure the reg would have to be on guard, which I actually like. During the one encounter i described, he did a great job engaging and threatening reg to keep him from sniping and killing his teammate. Great teamplay there imo. Ouch did a great job as a rook. Only gave up 1 death as of 20 minutes in. Jorune, on the other hand, did not do such a great job as a reg. He point blank sniped at least 5 times during the game (for like 500 dmg) and kept getting himself killed. He choose ank of speed as a reg, which, imo, is a pretty bad favor item against a da because of the spike damages. He continued to put points into snipe even though snipe kills weren't happening or even close to happening when he probably should have started specing something else. I'm also not sure why they chose reg/rook as a combo especially with reg maxing out snipe. The beauty of a snipe reg is that they finish off kills for you at just the right time... but with only a rook as a teammate, odds are you won't have lots of opportunities to get that kill. Anyway, once reg had died a few times and the other team could buy sigils like candy, snipe reg = no snipe kills.
#3Teseer  Apr 27 2010, 14:59 PM -
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Lol, Naur was a monster.
#4ouchthathurts  May 7 2010, 23:34 PM -
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Pretty spot on analysis Pacov....Jorune is best w Vamp. The decision for him to go Reg/Rook was my idea. I didn't see us winning with Vamp/DA combo that we tried in the first game so this was a hail mary to try to get some traction. Kollectir and Naur we're a much better team on this given day.

#5ouchthathurts  May 7 2010, 23:34 PM -
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Pretty spot on analysis Pacov....Jorune is best w Vamp. The decision for him to go Reg/Rook was my idea. I didn't see us winning with Vamp/DA combo that we tried in the first game so this was a hail mary to try to get some traction. Kollectir and Naur we're a much better team on this given day.

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