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RAWRRRR / Kalel vs Trouser / Pacov 3

#1RAWRRRR  May 24 2010, 04:37 AM -
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We lasted long enough in the last game, so we got to counter. Not much excitement here.. I'm first blood again as qot lol (I swear to God I'm first blood so often... I think it's self fulfilling prophecy after Zen_God told me this... grrrr). Anyway.. we picked an easy counter and were able to push with ease. Kalel keeps the gold flag for a long time, we get a portal, get cats @ 8 while they're over 1k war rank below us, and we have easy shots @ portals.

HIGHLIGHT: I know trouser is going to swap me when I try to port over to help Kalel. I fake once.. then I prepare to cancel the instant I see him try to swap (Kalel has 3k hp on a sigil.. so no big rush, but.. still needs the help). Anyway.. he does it at the very last moment and swaps over. Mad props. However, his swap is on cd now, and Kalel ports out after a penitence. I keep my monk on Pacov, and it kills him when his sigil wears out XD
#2pacov  May 24 2010, 21:33 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
it actually wasn't a monk - it was a shambler that did me in (at least i think it was). Trouser had nice timing to keep you from showing up (though I would have lived if he just let you port in smile.gif. Kal had a ton of towers up and my sigil was soon to expire (I had a shield ready)... so, it was effectively da vs a rook in a tower farm. I throw my shield on trouser and take off for base... I'm out of the farm but one of your shamblers spikes me... talk about your pain in the ass lucky kill, but I don't think we were going to win that matchup anyway. Anyway, once trouser showed up I felt like there wasn't any other logical option than to shield him and GTFO, but oh well. Agreed though, nothing too special in this game, but congrats on the win!
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