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A silly 4v4 UB match

#1pacov  Sep 29 2009, 03:04 AM -
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This one was just some silly fun. If you are interested in wasting some time, check this one out smile.gif

As I remember it, drvali spent the majority of his time yelling at his teammates. Jongalt did his best to keep him alive.

And I ran around the map like a lunatic.
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#2Nafchicken  Sep 29 2009, 08:42 AM -
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Well, i cant blame drvali. Ive played your premade team before and had the same frustrations. You cant help yourself - but you can avoid playing games like this by not joining them. Lack of patients forces you to make these errors tongue.gif.

Premade teams arent really a bad thing, as long as team two has been made aware they are premade, and the premade team itself tries for a good fair match. Usually this is not the case. Team 2 will have one good player on it, w the rest not being experienced enough to join the game. The one decent player will of course get angry during the game(who wouldnt), and the premade team will give pretence and act as to why his behaving as so.
#3pacov  Sep 29 2009, 14:37 PM -
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Speaking of pretense - your response is essentially a nice way of saying 1) you guys did a pug stomp 2) its ok to behave poorly if things arenít going your way (after all, it was a pug stomp). You throw the typical premade teams arenít a bad thing in there, BUT ONLY if they do a, b, and c.

Here we go: Jongalt is a member of my premade. Did you notice what team he was on? What!?! The insidious premade had someone from their team go to the other team? And Jon spent the entire game trying to keep drvali alive by sticking to him like glue. Even though, according to Jon, drvali spent the majority of the game berating his teammates, including Jon, who is quite good. Look, I can easily get your point about no one wanting to get stomped. I dare say that sometimes I just play the game with friends for fun. This, of course, you will say is ok. But youíll slap a rule on there like only against other premades, only if you balance the teams, only if you write PREMADE in the title, or whatever thing youíve decided is fair. Typically, there isnít a big demand for premade v premade competitive UB matches (imagine that). So, it stands to reason that game name UB ONLY PREMADE probably wonít fill up all that quickly, if at all.

You (not me Ė Iím in a premade) can play the game however you like. When possible, try not to take things so seriouslyÖ for instance, games called a silly 4v4 UB match.
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