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Team(?) Scrim(crash): Pacov's Club vs msnt

#1ThunderBringer  Sep 22 2009, 21:27 PM -
Replays: 2
With the release of 1.19, Kassaum and Kokukjin come back into Demigod only to find more crashes. They haven't played for 2+ months. This is Shade's replay of our second game which ends with pacov and kokujin double disconnecting.

The first one also did a double disconnect in the middle. msnt was in the lead that game when 2 of his teammates got a double disconnect(I also have replay of it). Good game guys, hopefully we can have our 3rd rematch soon and actually finish it.
#2ShakeNBake  Sep 23 2009, 00:01 AM -
Let the enemy cap the central portal flags, then farm 2 lanes of creeps for double exp.
#3Pod808  Sep 24 2009, 06:18 AM -
Replays: 0
I dont think the maybe extra lane of creeps to kill, which would only be viable if you can controll the two mid flags while keeping the other demigods away from them. It just doesnt make sense to not cap port flags wwar score>extra xp.

Maybe playing against really really really bad players it'd work out.
#4Texonater  Sep 24 2009, 16:55 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
War Score vs XP is a trade off. If you can take the advantage of a higher lvl (thus driving out your opponent in a fight) you'll end up making that WS up mid-Late game. It's a risk that should be weighed, yes, but it still is a viable strategy.

Since I play as Oak, I prefer XP to warscore. The faster I level, the quicker I become the most powerful demigod (most of the time), which helps my team push back to recover lost war score.

Also... A replay to show that War Score isn't everything we make it up to be..
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