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Obs vs. Wipul 1v1 - How to be annoying

#11Teboga  Sep 25 2009, 19:01 PM -
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Nice game, when I saw you were spending all your money on mana I was like 'WTF' but then a realized the you couldnīt be killed unless you run out of mana, and with that many helmets and mana pots you could stay on the battlefield forever. Very nice buid for QoT.

But that erebus really could have done better. After some point erebus just donīt have enough burst damage to scare your Queen, but he hit war rank 10 when you were on 3 I think. I would like to see the end of this match if he had sold everything and brought forth some giants.

Anyway I think the point is QoT is a viable demigod if in the right hands smile.gif
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