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~lvl 15 3v3 Cat game

#1RAWRRRR  Sep 28 2009, 22:51 PM -
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Several mistakes on our team, most importantly was losing their portal flag due to miscommunication about 26 min into the game. Our oak also died 4x pretty early on which also wasn't good. Even though we died more times than they did and were about 1 level below them as a team, we managed to do a fairly decent job and in the end, had a superior strategy.

Certainly not the greatest game ever, several mistakes.. but worth watching if you want some basic strategy, or gear choices / spec.. the importance of flag caplocking, importance of warscore for giants, etc.
#2Cowbuttzex  Sep 28 2009, 22:56 PM -
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This was an excellant game. My team lacked the experience of the other team. My team was good but didn't understand the importance of keeping flag control. If you look at the stats of RAWRRR's team you will know why my team lost.

I highly recommend watching this replay as it showed very good play on both sides of cataract. I wouldn't call the other teams strategy superior but my teammates were not as experienced.

Good game RAWRRR next time ill have to get better teammates....

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#3SirBriguy  Sep 29 2009, 14:33 PM -
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This was a good game for team play.
I was the Oak and this was my 2nd game online with him. (my excuse for sucking badly) But we worked together as a team to coordinate some flag caps and focused on Cit upgrades.

Much fun.
#4renz0kuken  Oct 2 2009, 16:13 PM -
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Nice game, rawrrr and cow did the best in this match I think, I didnt play that well but I did get a nice fake cast at ~32-33 smile.gif
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#5Cowbuttzex  Oct 2 2009, 22:09 PM -
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That fake cast was fucking sick!

I haven't had a game like this for a while now...
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