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Wrong end of a great comeback.

#1Teseer  Jan 26 2010, 15:41 PM -
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Was a very fun game. I always enjoy all Assassin teams, the damage is fun to just throw around biggrin.gif

But I think everyone did pretty damn good this game. Renz was a bad ass UB. At the end he was juking my Deep Freezes on his portal locks.
Ms-NooB I remember from LK's thread and I remembered I played a game with him. Was a great Erebus IMO. He can defiantly use mist. I can't count how many Erebi I see never using mist to mitigate damage. It makes me want to cry.
King was a pretty good Reg. I felt like his mines had magnets! I always seemed to walk right toward em wink.gif

Edit: watching it again, it wasnt really a comeback. It was more of a back and forth, My bad. I wasn't sober when I watched it.
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