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Interview with the Three ProDOTA 2 Admins

Friday, 8 Jun 2012
A solid, tasty and full of insight Interview with the mighty admins of ProDOTA 2, talking about their past, their present and future plans for this huge enterprise. There is also some controversy around, and community questions! Dota2Replays: Thank you so much for accepting this interview. Why...

Interview with Geno form ECAL

Thursday, 12 Apr 2012
We had the chance to sit down with Geno from the, by now, well known organization ECAL, who has gotten a lot of attention after their successful showmatch with Power.Net's team Captain Planet going up against Chinese team WE with DotA legend Yaphets leading the team. He told us about his...
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We Are Hiring!

Saturday, 24 Mar 2012
As Dota 2 is growing, there is a higher demand for good content and more things to cover, therefore we are now once again recruiting staff in several areas. We welcome everyone interested to apply. As a staff member, you get many perks including increased moderation powers, a nice badge, and...

Dota 2 Glossary of Terms

Monday, 5 Mar 2012
Like English or German, Dota 2 has it's own language and for a newcomer that can be very hard to understand. Therefore we compiled a list of the most used terms that you will meet on the battlefield for you to become an adept communicator with the rest of your team on your way to...

DotaReplays Interviews Dirty Minds Team

Saturday, 1 Oct 2011
DotaReplays recently had the opportunity to arrange an interview with Dirty Minds, one of the first established teams in the Dota 2 beta. SmokeFx found out more about some of the players, including their backgrounds and ambitions.-----SM: Hi, and a big welcome to WehSing, DeMenT, and minS...
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Gabe Newell is a Dota 2 Hero!

Friday, 30 Sep 2011
NeutralCreeps reports on a hero called Newell that was designed by Fruxx, a big-time DotA fan. He even comes with a detailed description and stats. Holding Gordon Freeman's trusty crowbar, he's pretty bad-ass. Newell's skills are perhaps his most amusing aspects. He is able to unleash a flurry of...
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Get a Dota 2 Beta Key NOW!

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011
It seems that the fun has begun with the first ever Dota 2 beta key contest underway! Playdota.com is hosting a photo submission competition in which 12 lucky winners will be receiving beta keys into the Dota 2 Closed Beta. For those of you that haven't had the luck of gaining a personal invite...

An Interview with God

Friday, 16 Sep 2011
Gosugamers had a talk with one of the key M5 members and discussed the future of Russian gaming in both Dota and DotA 2. Check it out!He shot to stardom with exceptional performances with Moscow 5. GosuGamers speaks with none other than Sergey 'God' Bragin, about his experience at "The...

Valve's Erik Johnson on Dota 2!

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011
As long as there is someone to listen, it seems that the two giants over at Valve won't hesitate to speak. Erik Johnson is found yet again in another interview during Gamescom giving an in-depth analysis into the mindset and future goals of the Valve psyche. Somewhere where the fans tread...
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Dota 2 GamesCom Wrap Up

Thursday, 25 Aug 2011
Now the dream that was the "The International" Dota 2 Tournament has ended, we've been thrust back into reality where Dota 2 isn't watchable or playable. However, no fear, Dota 2 is almost here! We've seen the Valve crew swamped by interviews from all sides, being forced to give away the little...