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Dota2Replays Brawl Qualifier #1 Sign-Ups Are Now Open

Monday, 9 Jan 2012
Gamers of all ages, the time has come to start the first qualifier of the $6,000 Dota2Replays Brawl, proudly sponsored by TwitchTV, TeamSpeak and SteelSeries. Qualifier DetailsDate: Sunday, January 15th at 19:00 GMT (Time Zone Converter).Location: All teams should be in game and ready 15 minutes...

$6,000+ Dota2Replays Brawl

Thursday, 29 Dec 2011
Dota2Replays.org, with our partners TwitchTV, TeamSpeak and SteelSeries, is proud to announce an exciting Dota 2 event, Dota2Replays Brawl, or as we like to call it DRB! DRB is our first Dota 2 event of many and we know it will be a blast! You'll be able to enjoy the best teams facing off for a...

Dota 2 Update: Bounty Hunter Appears

Thursday, 22 Dec 2011
Gondar, the Bounty Hunter has made it's appearance in Dota 2 just a few days before the holidays. Besides Gondor, there aren't that many new features, it is mostly bugfixes, UI tweaks and other small changes to the game.Bounty Hunter Hero PreviewThe complete patch notes are as follows:HEROES-...

Dota 2 Update: My Hibernation Ends

Friday, 16 Dec 2011
Ulfsaar the Warrior has finally awakened from its hibernation and it's hungrier for heroes than ever before.Besides the new hero, there is one very interesting feature - Suggested Item Editor. With it you can now customize your item builds while you play, and they will be available wherever you...

Dota 2 Patch Catch-up News Update

Saturday, 10 Dec 2011
As you may have noticed, DotaReplays.org hasn't had any updates regarding Dota 2 for the last few weeks. We do apologize for that, it's not something we intended on doing. So today, we've decided to do a catch-up news update regarding the last three major patch updates to the beta, including...

Dota 2 Update: The Brains and the Brawn

Saturday, 19 Nov 2011
Today saw the newest patch of Dota 2, including everyons favorite gold farmer Alchemist and his little friend on his back! This impressive hero is able to carry your ass or play the role of a support, depending on your team's needs and you will soon realize that he has the most amazing farming...

SK Gaming Signs Ex-Monkeybusiness

Saturday, 12 Nov 2011
SK Gaming, one of the biggest E-Sports organizations in the world, has announced that they signed a Dota 2 team, consisting of Danish players from the former team Monkeybusiness. Here is the official announcement:For those who have known SK Gaming, or else the DotA scene, over the last few years,...

Dota 2 Blog Update: Burnt Offerings

Friday, 11 Nov 2011
Patch day today, and with it we see a new addition to the hero roster.The Warlock is joining the ranks of heroes currently in the game and will with certainty start to dominate the very earth of the battlefield with his mighty golem!In other news, Valve has further tweaked their ranking system of...

Steam Security Breach

Friday, 11 Nov 2011
The news that we got yesterday from Gabe Newell wasn't exactly the kind of news we were hoping for. There was a security breach at the Steam forums, but it turns out that it may have been a little more than that. Check out Gabe Newell's official announcement on this: 10 November 2011Dear Steam...

Welcome the FnaticMSI team!

Monday, 7 Nov 2011
If you've followed the e-sports scene since it ever became a thing, you must have heard about FnaticMSI. They are one of the most prominent teams in the entire world, ranging over many different games, including HoN, Sc2, LoL and Counter Strike. And now Dota 2 as well.Today FnaticMSI announced...