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Huge list of the "little things" that made Zero Hour so awesome.

By AgmLauncher - 14 Dec 2011
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This is a list of all the little things (micro techniques, design characteristics, bugs, and gameplay elements) that made Zero Hour so enjoyable and rewarding to play. Zero Hour was one of the most experience-rewarding games I've ever played. There was always something new to learn, some way in which you could control the game to beat your opponent. It wasn't just about having a better strategy, or a better build order, it was very specific things like the angle at which you started your dragon tank firewall, or whether you were able to dodge flash bangs, or whether you were able to position your units to just barely out-range a toxin tunnel etc.

Here's the massive list


1. Using a technical to bowl over a line of infantry, doing far more damage than if the normal gun was used in traditional targeting, or if the technical drove perpendicular to the line (knocking over only one infantry unit).

2. Quickly micromanaging a technical to pivot on its back wheels, making an immediate 90 degree turn, and whipping around to knock over infantry from the side.

3. Laser lock

4. Hiding units behind buildings, forcing any pursuing enemy infantry to clump up and move in a line, then whipping around the building to run them all over.

5. Gatts have targeting priority on dozers, so you can use a dozer to distract a gatt tank, confusing its targeting, buying units time to do more damage to the gatt, taking minimal damage from it in the process.

6. Firebases having minimum firing range, allowing units to get in up close. However minimum fire range can be adjusted for by force firing, and letting splash damage have an effect.

7. Tech/terroring buildings and vehicles, especially tunnels, the key is to distract the tunnel gun with the technical, while the terrorists kill it. The split second the turret takes to turn is enough to give you time to get the terrorists to kill the tunnel.

8. Toxin weapons act over time even if the weapon has ceased spraying them. That means a toxin rebel doesn't need to fire at a single target until the target is dead. It can fire a short burst to kill the target. This allows a single toxin rebel to kill many more units than it ordinarily would, if micromanaged correctly.

9. Force firing a terrorist on the ground near an escaping unit/dozer to kill it off, when ordinarily that unit would be able to escape if it outruns the terrorist.

10. Terrorists in terror cars, using similar technique as above.

11. Demo traps, being able to set them to manual allows you to time it so that it kills a fast moving unit, or a unit that is close enough to take damage, but not enough to set it off.

12. Using demo traps from demo general (cheap, build fast, available early) to counter workers building tunnels near your base. Place a demo trap near the worker that's building the tunnel, and it will automatically detonate, allowing you to stop the tunnel from getting up.

13. Using a Demo worker to build demo traps around expansion supply depots or things, allowing that one worker to actually be an offensive unit, capable of destroying buildings early on in the game, before you even have an Arms Dealer up.

14. Tank Hunter TNT ability. VERY useful when your Tank Hunters are being run over by a vehicle. Quickly target the vehicle with the TNT ability, and the Tank Hunter will place a charge on the vehicle just before it gets run over.

15. Using a vehicle that has a TNT charge on it to act like a suicide/bomb truck. An ambulance with a charge on it can become a dozer killer or a supply truck killer.

16. Placing a burton or demo jarmen remote charge on a supply truck, letting it drive back to the supply depot to unload, and then detonating to kill the depot.

17. Timing mig strikes to get all 4 to fire together to create firestorm

18. Distracting anti-air units with something like a special attack, supply drop planes, or even deploying a spy drone over them, and coordinating an attack with migs/raptors/commanches/stealth fighters to attack when the AA units are distracted. Requires perfect timing, but you can get away Scot-free without losing any units

19. The GLA tunnel system in general, (brilliantly designed, more details about its quirky behavior in other examples below).

20. The fact that Tank Hunters in Outposts come out dazed and confused when the outpost is cracked open. To avoid this, the player must evacuate the outpost before it's destroyed.

21. Tank Hunters will cause splash damage to the outpost carrying them if they fire at something to close to the outpost. This means you can use dozers/gatt tanks/quads and other things to bump into the outpost, causing the tank hunters to crack the outpost open, where they will get run over by the unit that was bumping up against the outpost. Yes, an unarmed dozer CAN kill an outpost using this method!

22. Rocket Buggy/Humvee kiting.

23. The fact that buggies have line of sight issues, allowing you to take advantage of hills in the terrain, which force buggies to get right up close to the target they want to attack, giving you an opportunity to turn around and annihilate them.

24. Using a USAF Chinook point defense laser in conjunction with a single comanche to stop a technical/rpg combo that would otherwise completely destroy the player if the PDL wasn't there. The Chinook+PDL can be used to block missiles while the comanche kills the RPGs.

25. Strategy center modes (very useful to micromanage. Switch to "hold the line" when you hear china artillery barrage being fired for example), switch back to search and destroy when using humvees. Switch to bombardment for added defense. Dynamic abilities like this really work great

26. USA pilots being ejected, and placed back into units to regain their veterancy

27. Micromanaging an EMP patriot to keep multiple targets shut down, whereas normally it would only pick one target and attack it until it was dead. With good micro, it became significantly more effective.

28. Distracting an EMP patriot with two technicals. One to distract it, the other to drive up and drop a couple terrorists off to kill it.

29. ECM micromanagement. Like the EMP Patriot, the ECM can be used to disable multiple vehicles by switching back and forth between them. Takes good micro and timing.

30. The fact that ECM tanks auto-aquire units to disable them, shutting off their missile jamming. This requires a player to keep one moving constantly to block missiles, while using other EMCs to disable vehicles. It also allows a player to distract an ECM by driving a unit near it. If the other player isn't paying attention, the ECM will disable the unit, making it vulnerable to rockets (good timing allows aircraft to destroy Overlords in this manner)

31. Drones on USA vehicles. VERY useful and very tactical. Customization is good. Same for China overlords and Helixes. Hellfire drones allow an empty humvee to get extra firepower on demand, which often means the difference between a gatt coming in and killing your economy, and not. Spy drones act as air units, making great distractions for gatts/quads, giving your vehicle some added "armor" on demand.

32. The fact that Ambulance is very resistant to rockets, allowing it to be used as a great way to run over rocket infantry when there are no alternatives available. Also makes it a great meatshield for absorbing hits from an incoming battlebus.

33. The fact that when stealthed stuff is being revealed, it flashes a very visible orange to both players. VERY, VERY important!

34. Using dozers and other vehicles to physically get in the way of incoming units. Gatt tank coming in and you don't have anything nearby to intercept it? Stall it by blocking it with a dozer, buying you time to make a couple of infantry units or to move a tank in to kill it.

35. Lots of useful secondary abilities like rocket pods, laser lock, tank hunter TNT, radar scans, and burton knife, and other things. These abilities matter quite a bit to the outcome of a battle.

36. Timing a Jarmen Kel with a rebel ambush to snipe an Overlord, then steal it when the rebels spawn in.

37. Hijackers being used to grab unprotected Overlords and other units. Turns the tide of a battle. Very dramatic. A great way to intercept the first nuke BM from China, or even capture a dragon tank coming out of his WF, and then using it against him to completely ruin his day.

38. Units like gatts/quads firing at half rate while moving, full rate while standing still. This adds micro by taking advantage of targeting units WHILE they're moving, and avoiding them while standing still. It also means a player has to pay attention or use attack move to make sure his gatts/quads aren't moving while attacking a target.

39. Gatt tanks having a "spin up time", allowing a sharp player to maximize it by force firing on the ground to spin it up before giving it an attack order. Also gives the other player a chance to try and distract the gatt or interrupt the spin up so that it starts off firing slowly again.

40. Force firing with Auroras to hit moving vehicles, since their bombs don't track.

41. Tunnel popping scud launchers. They are so slow that, you can pop them from a tunnel, stop them just as they come out using the S key, release a volley, then literally "snap" back into the tunnel without having to turn around and be vulnerable. All units can do this actually. Great for micro!

42. The fact that humvees and other units can actually drive in reverse if you click very closely behind them.

43. The veterancy system and healing available at Elite status. You can choose to make a unit go to Heroic status, or a veteran damaged unit get the kill to make it elite where it will start to heal itself.

44. GLA scraps are hugely important, and a great gameplay mechanic. The fact that they reset the rocket on the scorpion tank when you run over scrap, allows a scorpion to do a lot of extra damage in a short period of time. Also, if your units are dying, you want to tell the units next to them to pick up the scrap from your dead units (or you opponent's dead units) during the fight.

45. Watching scraps to see if they disappear prematurely or if little numbers appear above them. This will indicate a stealthed unit is picking them up (potentially Jarmen Kel, or a hijacker).

46. Boxing in GLA worker supplies with barracks, arms dealers, and other things protect them. Great alternative and creative use for structures.

47. Being able to fast rope rangers into a boxed in GLA supply to get access to the workers, forcing the player to sell something to get a unit in there to kill the rangers.

48. Being able to force a terror car into small gaps in the buildings to get access to the workers.

49. Quickly sending workers into a nearby tunnel if an enemy unit is approaching (this is like Age of Empires 3 "recall" ability which calls all peasants and workers to the town center. Only it requires micro and quick thinking).

50. Chinooks that can double as transport units. Opens up tons of opportunity for build order variety, and quick thinking.

51. Paladin laser that can zap infantry. Very useful for "kiting" terrorists or hijackers that are running after them.

52. Lotus being used to shut down units, makes a huge difference in China mirrors.

53. The fact that almost all vehicles can run over infantry. This allows you to use dozers and supply trucks to completely ruin a missile defender Chinook drop. Makes all the difference in the world.

54. Anti-air rockets run out of fuel, so you can use things like helixes to kite battle busses and other things, firing a volley and then running away before the anti-air missiles hit it.

55. Stealth Fighter Bunker Buster missiles causing all units in a tunnel to fly out. Allowing a player to time a bunker buster strike with an Aurora bomb, Gen Point strike, or even Comanche rocket pods.

56. Garrison evacuation commands which are quick and responsive.

57. Evacuating a garrison will cause a dragon tank, ranger, or toxin tractor to stop if an attack order on the garrison itself was given. This buys a player just enough time to get away, or to laser lock the incoming dragon/toxin tractor to kill it, then quickly getting back into the garrison.

58. Flash bangs are slow and have a long cool-down time, so it gives a player time to "dodge" flash bangs both out in the open, and in a garrison. Players can quickly evacuate buildings and re-garrison them in between flash bang shots.

59. The fact that Nuke BMs explode like bomb trucks. Allows the Nuke BM owner to use this to his advantage to add extra last ditch effort damage, or the opposing player to take advantage and cause Nuke BMs to hurt the other player's units. Lots of good micro involved with this.

60. The fact that a bit of dust flies up and is visible whenever a stealthed infantry unit takes damage from a splash damage weapon. It allows you to track their movements if you force fire correctly.

61. Using stealth comanches to zero in on where Lotus might be, based on the terrain and the manner in which they are being revealed. The rocket pod strike, in combination with that little dust effect mentioned above, will allow you to see exactly where she is as a stray rocket often hits near where she is as long as you're relatively close. You can then finish rocket-podding in a more precise area to kill her without ever detecting her with a scan!

62. The fact that workers can be run over by China and USA builders adds a lot of early game "fighting" for map control.

63. Hiding a worker in a scaffold to protect it from being run over. This requires careful timing of the stop command, and simultaneously placing a scaffold directly on top of the worker. That way he begins construction of the building from within it, rather than on the outside. He is impossible to target like this, unless you set a unit to guard mode to kill him.

64. Using the alt key to set way points with a unit to force it to drive through a scaffold to kill the worker anyway (very hard, requires good practice). Also taking advantage of the turn radii of units to accomplish a similar thing to workers near the edge of the scaffold. You can force a USA dozer to turn into the worker to clip it with the blade of the dozer.

65. Using China mines and supply truck/units to lure an attacking unit over them. Say a nuke battlemaster is behind your supplies and is about to kill your trucks, but you have mines. Move your trucks away to force the BM to follow, and it will kill itself.

66. Bikes that can climb cliffs and circumvent terrain.

67. Demo bikes that will explode like a terrorist if the demo upgrade is researched, and you evacuate the bike. This means 2 demo bikes actually is more like 4. You get a full explosion when you evacuate the terrorists off the bike, then you have the terrorists left to actually do more damage.

68. Quickly using a Chinook to save a dozer that you know is about to killed.

69. Being able to stop a unit inside the War Factory, so it doesn't come out. This actually gives it protection while it fires from inside the Warfactory. VERY useful for killing unexpected Combat Chinooks and Helixes that would ordinarily be able to kill a gatt or quad if it came out of the WF completely.

70. If you have a unit in your opponent's base, and he has migs/raptors, and you know where they will be coming from, you can park your unit behind a command center or other building to protect it. This can cause your opponent's airplane missiles to destroy his own buildings!

71. The way ambulances can be used to clean up Anthrax Bomb special attack from GLA, or a Nuke.

72. Destroying a China nuclear reactor to kill nearby enemy units that are going after the unit that's shooting at the reactor. Say you have a couple of gatt tanks chasing your humvees, you can hide on the otherside of a reactor, and if you time it correctly, the explosion will kill both gatts as they pass it.

73. The fact that units inside a humvee die when it's killed. This adds micro by forcing a player to evacuate the humvee, but gives him a last ditch effort to laser lock whatever was chasing/killing the humvee.

74. Using a King Raptor PDL in 2v2 games to circle above rocket infantry, providing anti-laser lock coverage for an ally's gatt tanks or quad cannons.

75. The fact that Comanche rocket pod rockets take a while to impact the ground initially, meaning if you want to rocket pod moving targets, you have to anticipate where they are moving.

76. The reload time of all Comanche rockets. This allows a player to be smart about how to use comanches. Rather than continuing to attack with the anti-infantry gun after all rockets are exhausted (doing VERY low damage to units, at incredibly high risk), the player can back away, wait for the rockets to reload, swoop back in and do more high amounts of damage in a brief period of time. This allows a Comanche to become far more cost effective than if simply given a "fire and forget" order.

77. Camping a terrorist in front of an airfield, issuing an attack order on the planes as they take off, killing them just before they leave the runway.

78. Using a china outpost to run over a worker building a tunnel (which can be tricky) requires evacuating the outpost and telling the tank hunters to run away, else risk firing at the tunnel/worker and destroying the outpost before it can run over the worker.

79. The fact that a scaffold with 0 hitpoints appears when a structure is first placed on the ground. This gives a quick player the ability to kill off an expensive structure very easily.

80. With proper micro, a Raptor can split its attack between two targets, firing half of its missiles at one target, and half at another nearby target. Requires precision timing, but doubles the effective capability of the Raptor by avoiding overkill on a single target.

81. Ordinarily a USAF Chinook will get killed by a USAF King Raptor. So if you see a KR heading towards one of your Chinooks, you can move another nearby Chinook right near it, giving it extra PDL protecting, saving the Chinook. Requires a keen eye and ability to see which Chinook a KR might be targeting.

82. Scattering units when you see a carpet bomber coming in.

83. Scattering units to avoid area effect weapons can cause them to scatter into enemy ground units. Thus when you attack with migs, or a carpet bomber, or something, having nearby ground units to pick off the units which scatter towards you can help quite a bit.

84. The fact that you can hear stealthed units to get an approximate idea of where they are. This includes Comanches, bikes, stealthed hackers, and Lotus setting up her notebook.

85. The fact that damaged stealthed units emit visible smoke. This allows you to track a cluster of stealthed comanches, or a damaged outpost. So you know where they are even though you can't directly see them. Smart players will know this and split off all critically damaged comanches and use them to fake out their opponent, making them think the whole group is with the damaged one, when in fact it's somewhere else.

86. The fact that units come out of tunnels all clumped up. This can be exploited by timing something correctly to fake a player into evacuating just as an Aurora bomb lands and kills all of the units. Or sometimes if units are attacking the tunnel, and the player evacuates, they will all take damage.

87. The fact that the toxin tunnel's range can be extended by force firing, allowing you to kill rocket soldiers you wouldn't normally be able to kill.

88. The fact that the toxin tunnel's stream can actually be physically blocked by an Ambulance. With perfect positioning, you can park the ambulance in between the stream and your humvee, completely protecting the humvee from the stream.

89. The fact that the toxin tunnel stream lags behind (think of spraying a hose and turning in a circle, the steam won't actually land where you're facing, but somewhere behind you). This means you can use a humvee or nuke BM to drive back and forth, dodging the stream and not taking any damage. Both are fast enough to outrun the tunnel's toxin stream.

90. The really slow turn rate of Overlords allows a player to take full advantage of them. An example would be sending a technical with a hijacker or terrorists behind an Overlord to nab it before the turret can spin around and intercept the technical.

91. The really slow turn rate of Overlord gattling cannons. You can distract one with a plane, while you laser lock from another direction. The turret is so slow, that it busy your Missile Defenders or rocket soldiers time enough to do a lot of damage. Crucial against the Tank General, whose Emperor Gattling Towers have the same range as laser lock missile defenders. Without distraction, it mows through them. But WITH distraction, it's the opposite.

92. In rare cases, being able to force fire an Aurora Alpha on the ground, just underneath air units, which will actually kill them. If you know where stealth comanches are, you can actually wipe out a whole bunch of them using this method.

93. Running over civilian cars with dozers/supply trucks to deny GLA access to terror cars (simply the fact that they are crushable)

94. The fact that rocket soldiers just barely outrange gatts/quads, meaning if you manually target rocket infantry with gatts/quads, they run the risk of killing just one unit, and then pausing until you issue another order. So by putting them on guard or attack move, you can more efficiently mow through infantry. But this isn't always beneficial if you have priority targets you want to take out.

95. The fact that rocket buggy missiles can be outrun by humvees or other rocket buggies if the player micromanages to correctly. It allows units to avoid buggy fire and preserves his units. The same is also true of helix missiles and comanche missiles. You can outrun them with technicals and other fast units assuming you time it correctly and drive in the right direction.

96. If a gatt tank or quad or humvee is parked outside a barracks, you can produce infantry, but as they take damage, quickly tell them to go back into the barracks to protect and heal them. You can keep doing this until you've built up a bulk of infantry, enough to help take out what is parked in front of the barracks.

97. Bringing a normal USAF supply Chinook along with a Combat Chinook to give it extra PDL support.

98. Getting 12 missile defenders in a Combat Chinook by loading up 2 humvees, and then putting in two more MDs. Otherwise it's just 8 MDs in a Combat Chinook.

99. Combining an air attack with laser locking missile defenders (or again, dozer/firebase for distraction) will confuse the gatt tank or quad cannon, giving you milliseconds of time needed to kill it quickly before it actually kills anything. Requires perfect timing. A single gatt tank can be killed with one comanche or King Raptor, and a single laser lock missile defender, without losing either of them.

100. Because Comanches take a while to re-stealth, if you pay attention to which one is taking damage and fly it away, it will distract the units that are firing at it long enough for other comanches to finish their job. You won't lose as many (if any) comanches that way.

101. The fact that Auroras can't be shot down on the way in allows a player to scout with an Aurora by continually force firing at different locations on the map. The Aurora will be in hypersonic mode on the way to the targets, meaning it can't ever get shot down.

102. The fact that dragon tank firewall takes time to propagate, giving you time to attack with some rocket soldiers/quads/gatts for a while before you have to run away.

103. The fact that dragon tanks absolutely annihilate gatts/quads in close range, but can be outranged/kited by gatts quads. Meaning you have good opportunity to kill a gatt/quad with a dragon, but also have the opportunity to kill a dragon with a gatt/quad with good micro.

104. "Flame Walking" by approaching a group of gatts/quads with a dragon tank, by flame walling in front of it to get them to back off. You can creep the dragon tank forward little by little using this technique. If your opponent wants to counter you, he has to flank you. Requires good timing.

105. The fact that scorpion rockets will automatically fire at the closest target allows you to distract the scorpions with a single unit, causing them to waste all of their missiles and significantly reducing the damage they can do on a first encounter.

106. To avoid having someone force your scorpions to waste their rockets, you rapidly issue move orders somewhere which will keep the scorpion turrets pointing straight ahead. Once they're in range of the targets you want to hit, then you give an attack order and they will fire.

107. The fact that toxin tunnels can't target toxin tractors, allowing a toxin tractor to be lethal against a toxin player's supplies. Wouldn't be possible if toxin tunnels could target tractors.

108. By telling an air unit to fly at a weird angle to an incoming Raptor, you can force the Raptor's missiles to miss it completely.

109. By flying an Infantry Helix directly at an incoming Raptor that has not been issued a targeting order outside of its visual range, you can intercept it before it can fire all of its missiles. The raptor will then have to fly through the helix, where it will get destroyed by minigunners or tank hunters.

110. If a humvee is being chased by rocket buggies, you can evacuate one or two missile defenders to laser lock the buggies, and force them to retreat. They will act as a buffer for your humvee.

111. Setting a trap for Jarmen Kel by sending some expendable units at it, so that it exposes itself, then either sniping it with migs, or your own jarmen.

112. Putting Jarmen Kel on a bike to avoid getting killed by pathfinders, quickly evacuating it if you see something like a tomahawk missile or tank in-bound, and you know it won't be able to get away in time because of the slow turn radius of bikes.

113. Being very selective about which units you snipe with Jarmen Kel. If there are two Overlords, one with a stealth detecting/anti-infantry gatt turret, and the other with a propaganda tower, you want to make sure to snipe the OL which can detect and kill Jarmen. The same is true of an Overlord with doesn't have an upgrade yet, next to one with a prop tower already on it. Snipe the OL that hasn't been upgraded to prevent your opponent from equipping it with a gatt turret in response to Kel. Sometimes sniping an ECM tank or an Outpost is better than sniping an OL. It might mean the difference between buggies being able to kill the OLs and hijackers being able to get in to stealth them or not.

114. Have Jarmen snipe all infantry that are in the open first, THEN snipe the drive of a vehicle. That way the infantry are gone and can't be used to re-take the sniped vehicle.

115. The fact that when a stealth tunnel is built the RPGs pop out and stay there, as well as the worker. So a careless player might leave the RPGs and worker right next to the tunnel, alerting you to the presence of a stealth tunnel there.

116. The fact that workers stand in the middle of the demo trap they just created. This means a careless player will leave his worker there, so that if it's targeted with anything that does splash damage, the demo trap will be set off.

117. The fact that if a plane has been given an attack order on a unit, and that unit enters a tunnel, the plane will lose the order and just hover around outside the tunnel if the other player isn't paying attention. This gives you an opportunity to pop quads out and destroy the plane.

118. If an airfield is destroyed and you have planes that would otherwise crash because they have no place to land, you can tell them to fly back and forth using waypoints until you rebuild the airfield.

119. King Raptors have issues targeting airfields as they target near the middle, but only fire about half their missiles before making another pass, and if there are other King Raptors on it, all the missiles will get zapped by the PDL. To avoid this, you can force fire you KRs at the corner of the airfield to make them do full damage, and avoid having their missiles shot by PDL.

120. You can laser lock more efficiently by hitting stop just before a unit dies, and then selecting another target. If you time it right, the missiles that were fired after you press stop will finish off the unit as you start laser locking another one.

121. How a technical behaves differently depending on what scrap upgrade it gets. If it's first scrap level, it's great against group of infantry, but 2nd scrap level is good anti-building/tank and poor anti-infantry.

122. You can use various splash damage units to force them to kill your opponent's own stuff. For example, driving something near one of his dozers with a nuke BM shooting at it, can cause the dozer to get killed along with your unit.

123. PDL of Paladins, Avengers, and aircraft is more effective when units are moving away from rockets because they reduce the closing speed of the rockets. So if a KR is coming at a Chinook, by flying the Chinook directly away, you can save it.

124. Artillery has a long set up time and a minimum range, allowing you to exploit this with fast units, getting inside their minimum range before they can fire, allowing you to destroy them easily if they're not supported.

125. In general, force firing in front of moving units with ballistic, non-tracking weapons to make sure they hit.

126. Precise timing of things like A-10, Carpet Bomber, and others to hit armies on the move, through anticipation of movement and various other things. This is difficult due to the nature of special attacks which take a while to cross the map.

127. Waiting and timing things like mig strikes on tech/rpgs. If you have a single mig, and there is a technical full of RPGs heading towards your base, you want to make sure you don't fire at the technical, but save the mig until the RPGs are evacuated to destroy those, since they are the real threat.

128. Driving a dozer to away from a terror car to cause it bug, and not detonate. The person using the terror car avoids this bug by driving to the side of the dozer or force detonating on the ground next to the dozer.

129. Putting a dozer in a Chinook with 3 missile defenders, such that when it's dropped, the dozer actually blocks another vehicle from running over the missile defenders.

130. Circumventing #126 by clicking really fast and/or using a waypoint to force your dozer or vehicle to drive through the missile defenders and enemy dozer.

131. Using a dozer to run over a troop crawler's worth of Red Guard that are trying to attack a patriot missile. They will ordinarily kill the patriot, but with a dozer nearby (presumably one that built a patriot near someone's supplies), the dozer can save the patriot.

132. Faking out a patriot missile by keeping an infantry unit on the move. Since patriot missile batteries can't track infantry, by keeping one moving, it will never do any damage to infantry, allowing the other infantry to fire at it unimpeded.

133. If a battle bus or a humvee or any infantry transport gets sniped by Jarmen Kel, quickly selecting all the infantry and putting it back into the transport to save the infantry from getting killed.

134. Since a toxin puddle lingers for a while, it forces infantry inside a bunkered battle bus to stay there. If they are evacuated too soon, they will all die of toxin poising virtually instantly. So if you're against a toxin GLA player, in a GLA matchup, you will have to use battle buses a bit differently than against other GLAs (unless they toxin tipped shells for their scorpions).

135. Precisely coordinating attacks by suddenly removing a player's tunnel from a part of the map, then following up with ground units to take advantage of the fact that he can't reinforce himself anymore.

136. Using a scan to reveal stealthed tunnels to make your opponent think you are going to attack him from that side (they usually evacuate tunnels in response if they are against USAF), but you actually attack somewhere completely differently. It's the way stealthed units and structures are revealed that makes this possible, as it alerts your opponent to where you are scanning/looking. It can also alert a player to the presence of a Black Lotus.

137. Using radar van scans in combination with quads to deal with Stealth Comanches.

138. Catching an Aurora on the way back via a forward stealthed tunnel. If an Aurora flies into your base to destroy something, you can evacuate a tunnel near its return path to kill it as it flies overhead.

139. Scanning and placing a scaffold below air units which are on guard. This causes them to waste their missiles and land to reload, or it buys you enough time to sneak in somewhere.

140. Switching your strategy center to Hold the Line when you hear a China Artillery attack being fired.

141. Quickly selecting a unit coming out of a production facility and telling it to drive through the BACK of the building whenever the situation requires it.

142. Positioning units behind objects/structures to protect them from raptors and aircraft, such as the wall on Fallen Empire, or the center buildings on Tournament Desert. Also important, positioning an infantry unit on the protected side of an oil field to help avoid it being picked off by a plane or something else.

143. Positioning a tank/vehicle in the dead spot next to the upper left hand building/tower on Tournament Desert in the center of the map. A rocket soldier inside will not fire at the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to destroy the tower and kill the rocket soldier. Similar to getting inside the minimum firing range of firebase.

144. Force firing with units to target stealth buildings you know the location of.

145. If trying to attack a stealth building with a raptor that you know the approximate location of, it involves making sure the raptor has taken off and is given a move order near the area, THEN scanning before giving the attack order. If scanned first, then given an attack order, the raptor or migs won't get there in time before the buildings goes back to being stealthed.

146. Hearing Lotus set up her computer before she even starts hacking, allowing you to react to her general position, giving you just enough time to stop her from taking over one of your buildings. And on a minor note, selling your building before she takes it.

147. Dropping off toxin terrorists one at a time with a small delay in between each one to prevent them from bugging and killing each other without actually killing the building.

148. Looking for tire treads to determine where a dozer might be or to see if a unit could be heading towards your base.

149. Ground indentations can indicate the presence of a stealthed building, allowing a sharp player to pinpoint the locations of tunnels and other things without even having to reveal them.