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Meet our new General: Salvo

By -Netput - 23 Oct 2013
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Meet our new General: Salvo By: -Netput on 23 Oct 2013
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General info
The EU Artillery General, Salvo, focuses on long range combat. Utilizing the Trident Rocket Artillery and the Howitzer base defense, Salvo can lay down heavy damage from a safe distance before closing in for the kill.

Born in a small village in war torn Sudan, at the age of four Agembe was orphaned and forced into servitude as a child soldier. Despite showing great battlefield prowess, at eight Agembe suffered a nervous breakdown and was abandoned by his compatriots. The wild, starving child was taken in by a passing EU Peacekeeping force and ultimately returned to Europe with their commanding officer, as his adopted son.

Agembe adapted quickly to western life, excelling in both school and later, as a military officer. Agembe’s early experiences, combined with his natural tactical brilliance, imbued him with both an edge on the battlefield and a genuine understanding of the human cost of war. In 2020, having used tactical artillery strikes to rout the remnants of the GLA from Afghanistan’s impenetrable mountain country, Agembe was chosen by the EU to form the specialized artillery division he leads today.

IPB Image

Player Powers
Suppressing Fire
IPB Image

Salvo has the ability to call in an artillery strike that blankets a long path with his Player Power Suppressing Fire. When used, Suppressing Fire can be directed in a path of the Salvo’s choosing. Once the path has been set, a series of high powered artillery shots will be fired in succession along the path. Salvo can use the artillery strikes to hammer a dug in enemy position or sweep across a massive army, ensuring that all enemies are hit. Salvo can also use Suppressing Fire to prevent enemies from escaping. By painting the path of the strikes so that they start at the enemy’s point of escape and slowly move forward, Salvo can force the enemy into either his forces or his artillery strikes.

Featured Unit
IPB Image

The Trident is a long range artillery unit that specializes in doing large amounts of damage to heavily armored units. Lighter and more nimble than standard artillery, the Trident can use its mobility to its advantage as it can reposition itself to launch artillery much faster than its GLA or APA counterparts.

Sending Tridents to key chokepoints on the map allows them to effectively shut down enemy advances as they can rain rockets down on advancing forces. The Trident’s mobility also allow it to keep pace with a faster army, enabling a fast attack force the ability to make surgical strikes with long range fire support without having to babysit.

The Trident also uses its ability, Danger Close, to wreak havoc on enemy forces. Danger Close enables the Trident to fire a salvo of rockets into the fog of war, removing the need for a spotter. This can be used to scare off enemy forces up cliffs that cannot be seen or to safely harass expansions up cliffs without having to send in a spotter.