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Closed Beta Starts November 25th

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EA_Tim has announced that the alpha will move into closed beta state on 25 November. Usually this is considered a huge step in the development. Alpha stage is the place where the groundwork is being placed. Beta is the time when the game is being fine tuned for release.

It's been two months since the first public hands-on of Command & Conquer at Gamescom, and I know there are about 800,000 of you already lined up for the beta who are anxiously awaiting news!

We've been working hard to address alpha feedback, and I want to update you on our current targets:

Week of October 28th - Alpha update with Onslaught PvE mode, and loads of changes based on community feedback
Week of November 25th - Beginning of closed beta!
Week of February 24th - Launch

Many of you will start to receive codes in the weeks ahead sincere thanks for your patience! This C&C is a live service, so there is no one version that will be final. It was difficult to decide the right moment to share our work, and there will always be some who want us to hold it longer, but I believe we will benefit from having your broader feedback in the beta.

The development team thanks you for your support so far, and looks forward to having you play C&C!

Source: Official forums

Please share your thoughts about this milestone. We are very curious to see what the community thinks about this.