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November Patch preview: Command Center First

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EA has brought us a new patch preview, Command center first. A change that is asked for a lot in the community.
What are your thoughts about this change?

Patch Preview #5: Command Center First
In the October Patch to Command & Conquer a shift to your initial starting base will occur. Due to popular demand from our community, when you launch into a game you will now start with both a supply center as well as a Command Center.

With the inclusion of the Command Center as a starting structure, there are some gameplay changes that will take place to accommodate the new base layout.

What's New:
When loading into the game you will begin with your faction’s Command Center, your faction's supply center and the appropriate number of harvesters and workers for your faction.

IPB Image

The Command Center will provide a large amount of vision surrounding it, to give your initial base plenty of awareness of your immediate surroundings. Additionally, the Command Center prevents the casting of aggressive player powers within a predetermined radius which is displayed on your minimap (This is referred to as Baffling). Lastly, the Command Center gives access to your faction’s scouting player power. Be aware thought that the Command Center cannot prevent the casting of scouting powers, so both you and your enemy can scout your base if desired.

While the Command Center does provide vision and baffling at the start please be aware that when you start building structures, they will appear on your enemy’s minimap even if they have no nearby units to scout.

If you wish to keep your base safe from prying eyes, the Command Center can research an upgrade called Secure Communications. Once researched, all structures made from that point forward will not be shown to the enemy unless they can directly see them. If you want to be aggressive, the Command Center also has an upgrade called Command Efficiency. Once researched, the build times of all units will drop drastically. Both of these upgrades are available immediately on the Command Center for you to research if you so choose.

Late game, the Command Center will allow for users to build their faction’s Commando as well as research an upgrade called Pierce Baffle to allow for aggressive player powers to be cast within the radius of a Command Center.

With the inclusion of the Command Center as a starting part of your base we hope to allow player more flexibility in their strategies and options in how they play. We look forward to hear your feedback on this new feature.
Source: Official Website