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Tip of the week #1 - Command Centers

By -Netput - 13 Oct 2013
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Tip of the week #1 - Command Centers By: -Netput on 13 Oct 2013

Tip of the week 1 - Command Centers

In our very first tip of the week we will cover the Command Center. It seems like a very straightforward building but there is more to this than meets the eye. The Command Center can help you out in four (yes FOUR!) different ways. Time to cover them all.

IPB Image

#1 - Hide and seek

In the current C&C: Generals 2 patch version, you are able to see what your opponent is building through the fog of war. When he is going for a quick expansion or a sneaky forward barracks, you are able to see this. Obviously this feature is loved and hated and it might change in the future, but for now it is in. By building a Command Center you take away his all-seeing-eye through the fog of war. Right after your Command Center is finished your opponent can not see your newly placed buildings anymore. Please note that he still can see the buildings you started building before you completed your Command Center.
O rly?
Start constructing an airfield or war factory right before your Command Center finishes. Cancel it right after it is actually constructed and change tech. A great way to trick your enemy in building useless anti-air or anti-tank units!

#2 - The safe zone

When your Command Center is constructed you will see a big circle around it on the minimap. This circle can be considered the 'safe zone'. In this zone your opponent can not cast player powers. Be aware that it is possible to buy the Pierce Baffle upgrade. Once purchased you are able to use player powers everywhere on the map, including the safe zone around the Command Center.
IPB Image
Safe us!
Place your Command Center near your mineral line. This way your precious workers are protected against those nasty player powers in the early and mid game.

#3 - Energize soldiers!

This might seem like a straight forward tip, but the Command Center gives you power. Where a power plant gives you 90 power, a Command Center gives you 110! It saves you time and money early game, as you can start by building a Command Center for all the power you need until mid/late game!
If you are about to get low on power, you might want to consider building another Command Center instead of a power plant. Place the second Command Center near your secondary supply to protect it against player powers.

#4 - The more the merrier

The last feature of the Command Center might even be its best. Once the Command Center is finished it will reduce the build time of your units by 19%. So if a unit normally has a build time of 10 seconds, after the Command Center is constructed, it will only take 8.1 seconds. A quick Command Center can mean the difference between having just enough units or just not enough units at all.