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Grey Goo Stars and Stripes tournament

By -Netput - 25th June 2015 - 08:04 AM

Grey Box announcent a new tournament. Have a chance at winning a GTX 970 graphics card to help pump up your computer rig!

Are you ready to dominate in the first Grey Goo tournament?
Grey Box is proud to bring you our first ever competitive event, the Grey Goo "Stars and Stripes" Tournament! Open to all residents of the US, this fierce weekend of competition is sure to bring nail-biting, high-level action to your 4th of July celebrations! The top prize? A sleek, new GTX 970 graphics card to help pump up your computer rig.

How To Qualify:
To enter, eligible US players must email community@greygoo.com with their: Name, Steam Display Name (visible on the Grey Goo Leaderboards) , State of Residence, and Steam ID number; example,
"1. John Doe 2. GooSmasher 3. Texas 4. 123456789012"

On Friday June 26th at 12pm CDT, we will reset the 1v1 Ranked Leaderboards. From the 26th to Thursday July 2nd all Entrants will compete to climb as high as they can in the Ranked Leaderboard.

On Thursday July 2nd at 12pm we will take a snapshot of the entire Leaderboards and filter out all who submitted entry to community@greygoo.com. The Top 16 players of this snapshot will be invited to a Single Elimination tournament event on Saturday July 4th. The next 16 players under these Top 16 will be named Alternates in the event a participant cannot attend.

Top 16 players and any required Alternates will be invited to a bracket on xfire.com for use during the event. All players must create an Xfire account, more info on how to do so for free at xfire.com. All invites must be accepted by Saturday 9am CDT.

Don't worry EU players, we still love you. This is just the beginning of what we have in store for Grey Goo! If you have questions on the tournament, respond to the main forum post here.

The Event:
The Grey Goo Stars and Stripes Tournament begins Saturday July 4th at 12pm CDT. Players will be sent an invite to the Grey Goo Xfire bracket and will be seeded by standings on the Leaderboards. All rounds except the Semi-Finals and Finals will be a "Best of One," which will be a "Best of Three".

Round One of 16 participants will begin at 12 pm CDT on Grasslands.
Round Two of 8 participants will begin at 1 pm CDT on Secret Garden.
Semi Finals of 4 participants will begin at 2 pm CDT on Stalker's Rise.
Grand Finals of 2 participants will begin at 3:30 pm CDT on Moutain Pass.
At the same time, the Best of One between the two losers of the SemiFinals will determine a 3rd and 4th place.
All rounds will be hosted and observed by a Grey Box admin. Each round a random match will be live streamed and commentated on our Twitch channel, where we'll be showcasing the whole event, giving away prizes, and celebrating the spectacular gameplay each match promises to bring!

Event Schedule:
Wednesday June 24: Signups open
Friday June 26: Leaderboard reset, Qualifying Week begins
Thursday July 2: Signups close, Leaderboard snapshot, Top 16 announced
Saturday July 4: Tournament begins!

The Prizes:
1st Place: GTX 970 graphics card
2nd Place: Logitech OrionSpark keyboard + G440 mousepad
3rd Place: Logitech G35 gaming headset + G440 mousepad
4th Place: Logitech G35 gaming headset
All participants will also be given an exclusive never-before-seen Singleton t-shirt!
Source: Grey Goo Official Site