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Game Update for October 27, 2015 - New Recognition System!

By -Netput - 28th October 2015 - 08:06 AM

Today's game update is now live! Please note that we did not include balance changes in this update, as these will need to be placed in their own update.

Also, several features may be unavailable if you are not connected to the game via Steam online. The server needs to track features like the new profile system.

Check out the update details below!

Feature Highlights
Recognition & Reputation System
IPB Image

Get rewarded for your skill and dedication on the battlefield. The Player Recognition Update includes the Recognition and Reputation Systems, which are designed to help you keep track of your in-game accomplishments, build status as a commander and feel even more connected to the Grey Goo community.

Learn more about player recognition here.

New Profile System
A fancy new profile page is now ready to track your progress online and offline! Here is a breakdown of the individual features:
-Unlock multi-tiered accomplishments to gain unique banners and icons
-Learn more about the backstory behind each of the factions with lore unlock entries
-Customize your avatar and banner in-game to choose how other players see you
-New tiers in the leaderboards allow you to see where you sit among the best
-Commend friendly opponents and report abusive ones via our new reputation system

-Renamed AI personalities to reflect their playstyles
-Fixed numerous gameplay bugs

Idle air units that have run out of ammo will now return to base after a short amount of time

Silos will no longer detonate catalyst when sold

Fixed issue where Replays were not being generated for custom maps
Fixed bug that would cause Replays to not appear in the match list
Notifications now cleared after seeking in Replays

Corrected passability, visibility and targeting issues on the following maps:
-Barca’s Bayou
-Bluffs of Mora
-High Ground
-Kre’s Field
-Naiko’s Refuge
-Scarred Plateau
-Secret Garden
-Shattered Veil

-Updated loading screens to support new features
-Added pop up for when connection to Steam is lost while in a lobby
-Polished the color dropdown in the Multiplayer UI
-Minimap now updates when changing resolution
-Fixed play button not showing consistently

-Players joining a lobby now join the smallest team
-When changing the number of teams, players are now redistributed evenly
-Fixed issue where Fort Awesome achievement was triggered by teleporting sentinels
-When premade host leaves the multiplayer screen, team is now automatically disbanded and other player gets a kick message
-Fixed issue where players could not leave 2v2 Skirmish match if they were the first eliminated
-Added improvements to drag selecting


Added localization for new features
Fixed capitalization in French, Italian, and Spanish
Source: Grey Goo Forums