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Goo Unit Spotlight - Specialized Units

By Onyx - 4th November 2015 - 22:28 PM

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Goo is in the spotlight today! We dig deep into more about this faction's specialized units: the anti-air Tempest, sacrificial Dweller, long-range Crescent, and the protective Bastion.

Want to finish off the enemy for good? These are the units that are going to get you that victory!

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Which Goo specialized units do you like to use the most?

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The Tempest used to be a giant barometer. Honest!

A close relative of the Radiant, the Tempest's primary purpose used to be observing and recording weather patterns. The sensitive stalks on the top of its body detect changes to air pressure and humidity. Radiants and Tempests often worked together to gather information. Their combined efforts often gave Humanity the best picture of the planet's environment. Tempests now keep the skies clear of enemy aircraft, firing homing globs of electrically-charged nanites.

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Focused on combat from day one, the Dweller sacrifices itself for the good of the whole.

The Dweller's purpose has always been combat-focused. Due to the hostile creatures on some planets explored by the Goo, the Dweller's intent was to burrow in the ground and explode whenever hostile animals approached sensitive areas. It was very important to the designers, however, that the nano-machines comprising the Dweller not be wasted after detonation. Because of this, any nanites that survive the Dweller explosion reform into a Small Protean, capable of morphing into other units.

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The Crescent has actually changed very little since its original design.

The Crescent's original purpose was to facilitate Goo replication by rapidly spreading nanites over a large area. These nanites could then consume nearby fuel to quickly replicate. The Crescent uses the same delivery system to fire giant corrosive orbs of Goo at very long distances, which clings to units and structures. The Crescent is so good at flinging Goo, its attack can travel an extreme distance before finding its target, making hunting down these artillery very costly.

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Like its current iteration, the original Bastions were also protectors.

Since the Bastion's conception, it has been focused on the defense and protection of other vital Goo units. What it lacks in offensive armament, it more than makes up for in size and intimidation. Originally meant to shelter and provide protection to vulnerable Goo, the Bastion continues that same mantra of defense to this day. Some Beta claim it has mind-control powers that force enemies to become hostile against it. These are mere rumors and are currently unsubstantiated.

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Source: Grey Goo Forums