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Recognition System Accomplishments

By Onyx - 13th November 2015 - 22:45 PM

Get rewarded for your skill and dedication on the battlefield. The Player Recognition Update includes the Recognition and Reputation Systems, which are designed to help you keep track of your in-game accomplishments, build status as a commander and feel even more connected to the Grey Goo community.

There are 21 Accomplishments below that you can achieve in-game. Also check out the 35 Achievements in the Steam Community Hub!

Are you ready to dominate these objectives?

Profile Page

The Profile page presents a high-level overview of your progress in the game and strength as a player. On the first tab, you’ll find a summary of your profile, which includes our brand-new Recognition System. There’s also an Accomplishments tab that displays the rewards you’ve earned in battle. The Leaderboard has moved to this page as well, and has updated how it groups players into ranks. On the last tab, you can change the icon on your User Badge to show off the rewards you’ve earned while playing.

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Recognition System

The Recognition System rewards you for playing Grey Goo in the form of Accomplishments. Similar to Achievements, Accomplishments require you to perform specific feats or play a certain number of games. Doing so will earn you points and unlock rewards. Completing Accomplishments and unlocking rewards helps you advance to the next Recognition Rank, which is an overall measurement of your progress. Your rank is displayed on your User Badge.

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Recognition Rewards

Each Accomplishment has five stages. Rewards are granted after reaching stages 1, 3 and 5. All rewards come in the form of icons or banners, and can be used to customize your User Badge. The User Badge is your unique, personalized nameplate. It displays your Accomplishment points, Recognition Rank as well as a customizable icon and banner. User Badges are visible to players when they’re joining lobbies, loading into matches and viewing the match summary screen.

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Reputation System

The Reputation System is designed to encourage positive player interaction by allowing you to rate your teammates and opponents after games. On the match summary screen, you’ll find a range of positive and negative options to evaluate how these players performed and behaved. To prevent exploitation, there is a limit to the number of ratings you can give in a day.

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Reputation Effects

Ratings are cumulative, so your total Reputation can change over time. A positive (green) icon next to your name lets other players know that they’re likely to enjoy playing and interacting with you. A red icon signifies a negative reputation. Players who continue to receive negative ratings over an extended period may be subject to repercussions, like being put in a matchmaking queue specifically for very negative players.

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Source: Grey Goo Forums

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