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Grey Goo Q&A at GamesCom 2014

By Vivo - 28th August 2014 - 17:22 PM

GameReplays.Org attended GamesCom last week and we filmed plenty of video material during the event. This questions & answers session was held at the Grey Goo Community party on Saturday night. Be sure to grab something to drink before starting to watch this video - it lasts for a whopping 43 minutes!

Panel starting from the left: Josh Maida, Ted Morris, Frank Klepacki and Michael Legg

The following questions were asked during the Q&A, we'll give you short answers; please see the video for full and extensive answers.

Question @ 0:20: Is it confirmed that Grey Goo will not be free to play?
Answer: The game will not be Free to Play. The game will be distributed primarily via Steam but there will be physical retail too.

Q @ 1:20 & 21:50: Will there be support for mods?
A: There will be full support for mods; they love the mod community and what they can do. The game will distribute with a powerful map editor. The game files will be in the format already used by Petroglyph.

Q @ 2:40: What was the inspiration for the Goo faction?
A: The name! Plus the technology now allows it to be done, although it's uncharted territory.

Q @ 4:30: How did you get the idea / inspiration for this game?
A: Started with the core idea of the Goo and then started thinking about the world that the Goo would consume. They wanted to make a "Space Opera". NB at 9:20, Mike Legg (Petroglyph co-founder and president) says that, even back through the Westwood days, he has never been so proud of a game they have made.

Q @ 12:30: Where did you get the idea to use three such diverse factions?
A: {There was no very direct answer to the question} Again, they started with the Goo faction and built the rest around it. It was said "There's a lot of Command and Conquer DNA in Grey Goo".

Q @ 17:40: Will each faction have its own music?
A: Yes: three unique factions so three unique sound tracks. Frank explains the music for each faction and says the Goo is Orchestral and Choir music mixed with dub step. Duke Box Mode will return in this game.

Q @ 20:50: Will there be a secret fourth faction?
A: Maybe.

Q @ 24:20: How long will the single player missions take to play?
15 - 20 Hours. The missions are replayable as the AI is adaptive and not just scripted. AI's don't cheat. The Single Player missions are designed to prepare players for multiplayer play.

see also

Q @ 31:30: Will there be a cooperative mission.
A: That is none currently planned, although given the way the AI work, that could be done in skirmish mode.

Q @ 29:30: Do you see the game as a potential eSport?
A: The answer to this was not a definite "yes".

Q @ 36:00: Will there be any "Easter Eggs" in the game?
A: There is an audio "Easter Egg" related to the Goo epic unit.

Q @ 38:20: (see also 33:20) Will this be the only game in the Grey Goo universe?
A: They hope that there will be other games in the universe and (33:20) the universe has more than enough depth for an RTS game, so they have been looking at going cross-genre or cross-media.

Q @ 38:50: Which came first, Grey Box or Grey Goo?
A: Both. Grey box is a technique used in designing a game, which they used to design this game.

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