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Edge of Winter
#1Mendel  Apr 3 2016, 18:14 PM -
So. Situation. Both players have their mother goos in the middle. I have killed the drover of Salami but my mother goo has less hp than salamis mother goo, very slightly but still less.

So, if one player runs away from the middle, the other player has the better resource spot and will likely gain a big advantage... so both players stay.

If I attack Salami´s mother goo, he will run to the side where my drover is not and he will win because he has more hp to start the mother battle.

If Salami attacks my mother goo on the side where I got my drover, I will win cause my drover will shoot at his mother and he will lose his HP advantage.

If both players stay on their side of the mountain, then salami will get a small protean out few seconds before me and his units will have HP advantage as they regen before my units... therefore I can not let him make a small protean.

What follows is a mating ritual of mother goos on a mountain for 20 minutes where I keep my mother goo healthy enough to occasionally hurt his mother goo enough that he can not make a small protean. I keep trying to attack his mother goo with drover but he stays out of range.

Game begins anew after 20 minutes when we have made no more mother goos, no proteans made either but we have mined the middle dry.

This kind of raises the question... should mother goos slow each other down at least a little bit?
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