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The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

DreamHack Winter 2011 HoN Coverage Center

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011
Welcome to the DreamHack Winter 2011 HoN Coverage Center! Below you'll find links to everything you could possibly need to follow all the action at DreamHack over the weekend - schedules, livestreams, brackets, results, articles and interviews! Watch this page for continual...

SK Gaming $1,000 HoN Tournament #1

Sunday, 13 Feb 2011
SK Gaming has recently announced that they will be sponsoring their very first Heroes of Newerth tournament sponsored by Bigfoot Networks and Steelseries! The complete details are as follows.SK Gaming is proud to announce the "SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1", sponsored by Bigfoot Networks and...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Invitational Finals/3rd Place- Results

Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011
An action-packed weekend provided phenomenal games for over 2,700 viewers last Sunday as the season 3 invitational reached an end. We would like to congratulate our champions [xFin]Finale on their win against [Infs]Infused Tt eSP0RTS in an intense final series. We would also like to...

5,000 for HoN in the ESL Major Series

Wednesday, 2 Feb 2011
Probably the biggest E-sports league in the world has announced that from this month Heroes of Newerth will be a part of the ESL Major Series and it will be the top game with a prize pool of 5,000€. This is great news for HoN's competitive scene and for all the players from...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Invitational Semis - Results

Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011
Even though we had problems on both our livestreams at the start of the semis, the action on the other hand never stopped and we had very interesting games in both matchups, with an outcome probably nobody expected. We would like to congratulate our two finalists, [Infs]Infused Tt eSP0RTS and...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Invitational Semis

Monday, 24 Jan 2011
Quarter finals of the GameReplays $3,000 Tournament Season 3 Invitational sponsored by S2 Games are over and we have our four semi finalists. In the semis the following teams will fight for the spot in the finals:(4) [xFin]Finale vs (8) [IcE]Inner Circle Elite (3) [EG]Evil Geniuses vs (2)...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Invitational Quarters

Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011
The GameReplays $3,000 Tournament Season 3 Invitational sponsored by S2 Games is live! We have our eight qualified teams which will be fighting off for the grand prize of $1,400 and the prestige of being the winner of season 3. The quarter finals will start on Sunday, January 23 at 19:00GMT and...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Qualifier 5/5 - Results

Monday, 17 Jan 2011
The last qualifier is over and we finally have our eight teams which will be playing in the Invitational tournament sponsored by S2 Games, starting this Sunday. It was a very interesting tourney with quite a few upsets and some interesting turnarounds. Firstly we would like to congratulate [SK]Sk...

HoN $3,000 TS3: Qualifier 4/5 - Results

Monday, 10 Jan 2011
First qualifier tournament in 2011 is over and it was very interesting with one big upset. On the left side of the brackets [MSI] and [xFin] (watch the VoD) met again, but this time in the semis, and yet again [xFin] turned out to be on top. We have to mention that [MSI] wasn't complete (they...

Next ESL Series to Host HoN

Friday, 7 Jan 2011
The Electronic Sports League has announced that ESL Season VIII's first game to be played will be Heroes of Newerth! With the release of version 2.0, ESL has decided to add the game to it's already impressive lineup, which gives teams yet another tournament to enter, and gives fans another...