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Heroes of Newerth

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Heroes of Newerth Hero Guides

The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide
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Heroes of Newerth Demented Shaman Guide

Thursday, 27 May 2010
Demented Shaman is pretty similar to Dazzle from DotA, a popular hero both in public games, and tournaments as well. He is almost always picked or banned in games. Reason for this is the utility he brings to the game. Heal, damage, slow, stun, armor, which can be used defensively or offensively,...
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Heroes of Newerth Soul Reaper Guide

Thursday, 20 May 2010
Soul Reaper, arguably one of the best support characters in Heroes of Newerth and is able to contribute in a number of ways to a team. Capable of spamming heals, taking large amounts of damage, and dealing damage across the whole enemy team, Soul Reaper adds a lot to any team in Heroes of...
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Heroes of Newerth Pestilence Guide

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Once a councilor to the Moon Queen, Pestilence said "Screw this" and joined up with the bad guys because that's what all the cool kids were doing. Pestilence is a direct port of the popular DotA hero Slardar (Slithereen Guard). He's the type of hero that you love to have on your team, and hate to...
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Heroes of Newerth Engineer Guide

Thursday, 29 Apr 2010
When he was first implemented, Engineer was less famous than his Turret which was a team-killing engine of destruction that could single-handedly Genocide teams and which was universally considered better than most hero's ultimates. So good was this Turret that his other incredible abilities were...
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Heroes of Newerth Zephyr Guide

Thursday, 22 Apr 2010
Zephyr is a new hero created by S2 games. His skills are based around the concept of dealing high Area of Effect damage and the ability to push escaping enemies right back in the (AoE) action.While he is probably the most efficient farmer early to mid game in the game right now, his presence in...
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Heroes of Newerth Corrupted Disciple Guide

Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Corrupted Disciple is what Razor is in DotA. His lightning fast attack animation and great chasing skills make him to one of the best gankers in this game with the potential to tank, semi or hard carry. The huge variety of skill and item builds on Corrupted Disciple make him one of the most...
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Heroes of Newerth Puppet Master Guide

Thursday, 1 Apr 2010
The Puppet Master is a new hero designed by S2 Games. Combining 2 pseudo-disables and a strong inbuilt critical strike, he is one of the deadliest range carries and the only intellect hero that can be considered a full carry.Puppet Master1. Skills DescriptionsPuppeteer's HoldThe Puppet Master...
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Heroes of Newerth Valkyrie Guide

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010
Valkyrie is a direct copy of DotA's Priestess of the Moon, Mirana Nightshade. In her, enormous ganking power with one of the longest stuns in both range and duration and strong potential to farm and carry unite. She belongs to the old school class of DotA's competitive hero pool.Valkyrie1. Skills...
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Heroes of Newerth Wretched Hag Guide

Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Batwoman. Wretched Hag is a direct port of DotA's Queen of Pain, Akasha, with a slightly reworked Ultimate. This old, weak and fragile lady may not look like it, but she is able to devastate team battles with her strong Ultimate and is one of the best gankers...
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Heroes of Newerth Pyromancer Guide

Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010
CATCH THIS! Most of you have probably heard this line in one of your games where Pyromancer fires his Ultimate at you. He is the equivalent of Slayer from DotA and is born to gank with his three devastating nuking abilities and one powerful tower pushing ability. Pyromancer is always a good...