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Heroes of Newerth

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Rules & Regulations

Further Tournament Information and Structure can be found here.

We believe in facilitating the fairest play for all players at all times. Please be advised that the rules below can change at any time and are subject to the discretion of the admin team. If you would like to issue a dispute of a decision for review, please contact one of the admins listed below.

Game Settings & Server Rules

  1. Game Mode: Banning Pick, 5vs5, Forests of Caldavar.
  2. Game Options: Tournament Rules.
  3. For Qualifiers, Sides/Ban will be decided by /roll 1 100 in the game chat lobby. Highest roll decides to choose side or ban.
  4. For Division Championships, Sides/Ban will be decided by home team (top seed) for game 1, swapped for game 2, then rolled for game 3.

Server Selection Rules - If Applicable

3. SEA vs EU - USW
4. SEA vs Russia - USE
5. USW vs EU - USE
6. USW vs Russia - EU
7. USE vs EU - Roll, USE or EU
8. USE vs Russia - EU
9. South America vs EU - USE
10. South America vs. Russia - Roll, USE or EU
11. AUS vs EU - USW

Before the Match

  1. No observers or referees are allowed in a match unless they are approved match admins, shoutcasters, or streamers.
  2. If a match admin allows or denies someone for any reason, that ruling must be followed.
  3. If a team does not show up for a match within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit a game. There will then be another 15 (fifteen) minute period after the first game forfeit before the second game and thus the series being forfeited. - Match admins or the opposing team can extend this time period.

During the Match

  1. In the case of a dispute, the match can be paused in an effort to contact a tournament admin.
  2. Teams are allowed to remake if they can successfully agree to pass a remake vote.
  3. If a player disconnects his team is allowed to pause a single time without the opposing team unpausing.
  4. If a Player is disconnected for a total of 10 minutes or more, either team may have that the game continue without the missing player.
  5. A team wins if the opponent passes a concede vote or if the opponents primary structure (i.e. World Tree or Sacrificial Stone) is destroyed.

Bugs, Restrictions & Items

  1. It is not allowed to block creeps from reaching their destination (e.g. blocking base entrance) with the help of spells such as fissure.
  2. It is not allowed to pull creeps away from their lane using Wildsoul’s bear or Courier.
  3. Deliberate use of sudden bugs or exploits may cause your team to be disqualified.
  4. There are no back dooring restrictions.
  5. There are no item restrictions.
  6. There are no pulling of Ancient Creeps of any kind (e.g. Fissure to block return path forcing them into lane).
  7. There are no tournament auto banned heroes other than EA heroes which cannot be picked in Tournament Mode. -Teams may agree to ban other heroes if they would like, but both must agree for this to take place.

Player Misbehavior

Excessive flaming, trolling, spamming or any other form of bad manners by any player will result in:

1. If an admin is observing the game:
  • a warning.
  • forfeit loss for the punished team for the round in progress.
2. If an admin is not observing the game:
  • the team that suffered above mentioned bad manners from the opposing team can report such behavior to the admin after the game.
  • in the case that the admin confirms such behavior took place he can either give the team a warning or punish with a default loss for the round in progress.

Streaming / Observing

  1. The only observers allowed in any match are either the admins or the GR Casting crew, unless informed otherwise by a head admin.
  2. Players may stream if they would like, however it is at their discretion. Suspected "ghosting" will result in immediate mini-map covering and/or player turning stream off. If an admin asks a player to turn off their stream, they must or suffer a chosen penalty, no matter the reason.


  1. The admins for this event will be `Swiss [In-game: Swiss], who will be around during match times. -Contact the admin if you have any questions concerning the event.
  2. Admins always have final say on any ruling, no matter what the rules here state.