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Heroes of Newerth

The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

In the everlasting war taking place in Heroes of Newerth, the two armies of Legion and Hellbourne constantly collide into fierce battle. These soldiers provide the major income in both gold and experience for your heroes. Hidden in the forest, the ones that pledge allegiance to nobody but themselves have hidden, protecting nothing but their own treasures.

Legion and Hellbourne Creeps

Zombies and moving Trees, is this some kind of movie?!

These massive waves of creeps are the basic army of both sides. They come at 30 second intervals, and clash in their respective lanes. They are the experience and gold of most heroes in the game. The more last hits and denies you cause to these little beasts, the more you are profiting from them. Most of the game is based around killing these waves, and manipulating them to push the multiple towers of both sides of the land of Newerth.

IPB Image
From left: Legion siege, ranged and melee creep, Hellbourne siege, ranged and melee creep

Creep Target Priorities

Its nothing personal, just business.

Manipulating the targets of the creeps comes in handy when trying to hurt a hero early on, or to just get creeps off a heroes’ back. The creeps will target you immediately if you cause damage to another hero, so remember to stay away from them when attacking if low health is a problem.

Manipulating doesn't do much until it is actually used to your advantage. While you know enough to stay away from the creeps when attacking a hero, try to lure your opposing hero into your creeps when he comes to take you down. The creeps will do most of the damage and you'll be spared your life or even get a kill through the damage the creeps inflicted. Further more, defending a tower is much easier when a player knows that he may provoke the creeps to follow him. Attack them once and the majority will follow you past the tower into your own wave of creeps.

Neutral Creeps

This is our turf, you better be leavin'

These bad boys belong to the jungles of the maps. They have no loyalty to any side, and live only to destroy any living thing in sight. They come in groups of 2-5. As a team loses the ability to farm their enemy's creeps, they come to these monsters for money and experience. They are particularly safer but considerably more vicious depending on their color. The color ranges from yellow (weakest) and gets progressively darker to red (the Ancient creeps).

Ancient Creeps

This isn't Dungeons and Dragons, right

The most difficult of neutral creeps to kill, aside from Kongor. They are quite formidable to kill early on, but become easier to kill later on as levels progress. The ancients are very popular to stack upon each other, so they may give a very big cash award when finally farmed.

IPB Image
Ancient Creeps on the Legion side

IPB Image
Ancient Creeps on the Hellbourne side


Give me your bananas!

The king of all creeps, he is quite a challenge earlier on. Later in the game, some heroes are able to solo him with very strong evasion or life steal. Killing Kongor is quite a nice addition to gold and he drops a very valuable Life Token. When picked up, the Life Token allows the hero who acquired it to gain an extra life. In other words, when he dies, he will resurrect on the spot with no deaths.

After killing Kongor for the third time, he drops a Life Token and Bananas which heal a great portion of your hit points and mana.

IPB Image
Craziest Mutant Monkey of the Land