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Heroes of Newerth

The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

Items & Recipes
Items are really important and can give you an enormous advantage. This advantage however, can be ruined, simply by buying the wrong items. Some items won't help your hero at all, and then you have wasted the gold you spent such a long time farming for, and that is a bummer at the least. So be sure to use this rough guide for what items to buy for the hero you play.

Most items in Heroes of Newerth can make greater items when combined, they do this automatically when you have a "set" and they are called auto-completing recipes. Recipes are needed to combine some items; this is stated in the "Components" list. They don't do anything on their own, so always buy the recipes last.

IPB Image
The recipe for Harkons Blade, looks like the recipe does something, it doesn't.

Disassembling Items
Auto-completing recipes can be disassembled manually if you move them to your stash and right click them. Items that require recipes can't be disassembled.

Where to Buy

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Items in Heroes of Newerth can be bought from the three different shops, Secret Shop (located north for Legion, south for Hellbourne, behind the first towers), Outpost (in the side lanes), and Base Shop (in your base.)

IPB Image
To access these shops, simply go to their location and click them (Default hotkey: B)

The Base shop has the majority of items and all recipes. The shop window is divided into two columns: the first one is for regular items and the other one is for greater items and recipes. All these items are divided in different sub-sections, like Supportive and Weapons. The Base shop also has a Recommended section. Don't trust this 100% as it’s not always correct at the moment of writing this but they do have some good suggestions for most heroes.

IPB Image
Initiation has basic items that you will often get first. Notice that the list on the left, the left column contains solo items, while the right column contains items that need combining.

The Outpost has mainly items that the base shops also have and some secret shop items as well, but sells them in the field for easier access, they cost the same as well. Some notable items that are not in the outpost are consumables, so make sure to buy those in your base.

The Secret Shop contains some high priced items that give a lot of stats, but the main reason people visit the Secret Shop is because of the Lifetube and the Manatube that boost your health and mana gain by 100% respectively.

IPB Image
Sword of the High, found in the secret shop, makes the feared Doombringer] when combined with Slayer. It also makes Mock of Brilliance, an item dishing out constant magic damage around you.

You can buy from any shop, even the one in the enemy base, much like the real world, arms dealers does not care about who uses their weaponry.

General Types of Items

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Consumable items are regular Health and Mana Potions, Runes of the Blight and the infamous Bottle. These all regenerate your health/mana over a period of time and are consumed on usage, except for the Bottle, but more on that later.

Usually you want to get one of each potion and one set of Runes. Be careful when using potions though, as damage removes the regeneration effect. That's why you want some runes as well, which are used by targeting a tree with them (Yeah... we know), this makes your health go up slowly.

Bottle has three charges on it, and can be refilled by either returning to the fountain or by using it on a Power Up, which we will talk about those later in this guide. When you "pick up" a Power Up, it is available to use from your Bottle within two minutes. After used, your bottle is full again (Make sense? Yeah... we know).

Some items are passive, meaning they don't need to be activated to help you. These items either give you a stats boost such as a speed-bonus or health-bonus, or give you a passive aura that make you apply some kind of effect on yourself, your allies and/or enemies. Some examples of these effects are the slowing effect that you apply with your auto-attack or the reduction of enemy armor.

Activated items are items that need to be, activated (it's all so obvious sometimes.) These include items that teleport your hero to and fro, spawn minions to fight for you or block/do damage, increase your attack speed and even more.

IPB Image
The Portal key teleports you short distances, it's great for initiating on the enemy, here seen in the outpost, can also be bought at base shop.