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Heroes of Newerth

The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

Last-Hitting & Denying
Last-hitting and denying is one of the most important concepts to master in Heroes of Newerth, and luckily for us, its also one of the simplest to get a grasp on. You should be spending up to the first 15-20 minutes of the game doing this intensely so it is in your best interests to master it. However, you should always be looking out for creeps to last hit and deny well throughout the game.

How Do I Last-Hit and Deny, and What Is the Point of It?

IPB Image
Arachna getting the last-hit on a creep and thus increasing her gold

Last-hitting is fairly self-explanatory; it is the art of waiting until the enemy creep is low enough health so you can kill it with one final blow, making sure that you get the gold from killing the creep. The trick to do this is all about timing. If you hit the creep too early, it will have very little health left, and will most likely get finished off by an allied creep, or worse denied by an enemy hero. If you wait to late to attack the creep, it is likely that your attack animation will be too slow to hit the creep in time and it will get killed by an allied creep or denied.

IPB Image
Denying creeps results in enemies not getting gold and getting reduced experience.

Denying is very similar in concept to last hitting, but serves a different purpose. Denying is last hitting your own creeps to deny your opponents exp and gold. The way to do this is force attack your own creeps (using A + Click) when they are at the same amount of health at which you would usually last-hit the enemy creeps.

Is There Any Secret to Last-hitting and Denying?

I want to get better, how do I do it

Yes, it’s called practice. Expect to fail at last hitting many, many times before it clicks. The key is to just practice, notice how much damage your hero deals to the creeps, and how many other things, such as towers or creeps are attacking your target creep, then use this knowledge to time your attacks.

Tower Denying

IPB Image
Denying Towers at the same time reduces your enemy teams income a lot.

Denying towers works in exactly the same way as denying allied creeps, you simply force attack (A + Click) on the tower when it is at very low health.

When Can You Deny Towers
Towers are only deniable when they have 10% hit points or under.

Tips and Tricks

A magician never reveals his tricks. Oh, wait..

Having more damage gives you a greater window in which you can expect to kill the creep in one hit, so heroes with high base damage (Keeper of the Forest and Pebbles) are good for this, but also having a fast attack animation helps, a great hero for this is Arachna.

It is recommended to hold position (Default hotkey = H) and attack when needed rather then auto attack the creeps, because if you leave your hero auto attacking, it is likely that you wont be able to get the last hit because you have just attacked a creep on, for example, half health, and your regular attack is recharging when you need to last-hit.