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HonReplays In-House League Overview

After a lot of planning and preparation GameReplays.org is proud to bring you the HonReplays In-House League, a place for everyone to enjoy higher level play, with like minded individuals, where you will be able to play and chat with people from the community. We would also like to thank the people from DotA-GC for helping and creating this awesome bot.

What is an In-House League?

An In-House League, specifically this one, is where a group of vouched players from either experience or tryouts are gathered in a community and games can be created from this community only. If you are not authorized to play in the community, you can't join the games.

Why would I want to do this?

Heroes of Newerth Matchmaking and Public games both fail in the aspect that there is always a chance you're going to be paired with a griefer, an inexperienced player or any other unpleasurable combination of player you've come across in your HoN career that made you instantly want to stop playing. With the In-House League, you can ensure that all games are of high quality and enjoyable (unless you hate losing... Someone has to!).

How do I sign up?

You are required to have an IRC account on Quakenet.org to begin your process into the In-House League. There are two different options you can choose, downloading mIRC (or any other IRC client), or using the Webchat Tab on this page. Here is a short guide how to register an account on Quakenet and here is a short mIRC guide how to set everything up.

How can I play in this league?

If you're interested in applying for this In-House League, please create an application in the Tryouts forum and one of the admins will respond to your application giving you access to the #honreplays.IH channel which you can only access if you are authenticated on IRC.

Are there stat recordings for these games?

Yes! We use a TrueSkill™ ranking system based on XBox Live developed by Microsoft Research™. We also have a friend system that allows you to have a better chance of being paired with people in your friends when the games are created, additionally there is a captain's mode that allows you to to pick your team in a 1-2-2-2-1 fashion.
Teams are made based on your In-House League stats, not your HoN stats.

Where can I find IRC bot commands?

All bot commands can be found here.

Are there any rules in this league?

And here are the rules for the HonReplays In-House League.

How can I talk with players who are on my team?

We have provided a public TeamSpeak 3 server for all the players of the league. To connect to the server all you need to do is download and install the TeamSpeak 3 client and connect to the gamereplays.org server.

Where can I make an appeal of player misbehavior and similar issues?

All appeals should be submitted in the Bans/Appeals and our admins will resolve them as soon as they can.

Additionally, in the coming few weeks we will be casting IHL matches on the HonReplays Live pages, along with the allowance of match submission for good plays, in preparation for a weekly Top 10 In-House League Plays! So come on and check us out and who knows, maybe you will become e-famous!