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Heroes of Newerth

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King Jeraziah, the hope of humanity and one of the two leaders of the new Legion, is not just a mighty warrior but also the chosen of Sol himself. Charged with divine fervor and favor, he rallies his men and wreaks havoc among the daemons. The light that shines forth from him leads all toward victory, and represents the dawning of a new day, one without cloud or shadow.

Damage 51 - 61
Attack Range 100
Attack Speed 0.59

IPB Image Armor: 4.10 IPB Image Move Speed: 310

IPB Image 20 (+2.7) IPB Image 15 (+1.8) IPB Image 17 (+1.8)


Inner Light
Jeraziah unleashes a nearby allied unit's Inner Light, healing them. Nearby enemies are seared by the power of the Light, causing them to take damage.

  • Target Unit - Ally Units
  • Type: Magic
  • Range: 500
  • Radius: 300
  • Mana cost: 100/120/140/160
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Heals target for 90/180/270/360 Health, damaging enemies in radius for 90/180/270/360 Magic damage.

Protection Charm
Jeraziah blesses an allied unit with protective charms that grant immunity to Magic and remove all debuffs.

  • Target Unit - Ally Units
  • Range: 500
  • Mana cost: 60/70/80/90
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
Applies Protective Charm to target for 5/8/11/14 seconds.

Can be removed by Nullfire Blade.

Protective Charm Effects
Magic Immunity

Righteous Aura
Being near Jeraziah can cause even the most evil of characters to bend under the raw power of Sol, passively slowing them down.

Range: 300

Righteous Aura Effects
7/14/21/28% movement speed reduction

Sol's Blessing
Jeraziah calls upon the power of Sol to protect himself and his comrades. Sol answers his call, causing them to take almost no Physical damage and receive high Health regeneration for a brief time.

  • Self Position - Organic Ally Units
  • Type: Magic
  • Radius: 600
  • Mana cost: 125/175/250
  • Cooldown: 150 seconds
Applies Sol's Blessing to targets in radius for 5/6/7 seconds.

Sol's Blessing Effects
+1000 Armor
+25 Health Regeneration