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Heroes of Newerth

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Hellbourne corruption has spread across Newerth--and deep into it as well. From beneath the crusted depths emerges the carapaced undying horror that is Tremble, awakened to wreak havoc upon the Legion forces. Mysterious terrain deformations seem to herald his arrival, while a trail of corpses marks his path of departure.

Damage: 49 - 54
Attack Range: 128
Attack Speed: 118

IPB Image Armor: 4.92 IPB Image Move Speed: 310

IPB Image 17(+2.5) IPB Image 18 (+2.2) IPB Image 18 (+2)


Dark Swarm
Tremble summons a massive swarm of bugs from beneath the earth to act as his personal shield, deflecting ranged attackers and suffocating nearby enemies.

  • Target Unit - Self - Enemy Units
  • Type: Magic
  • Radius: 300
  • Mana cost:90/100/110
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
Summons a swarm of bugs for 5 seconds. Enemies within the swarm take 20/40/60/80 Magic Damage per second, while enemies outside the swarm deal 8/16/24/32% less damage to Tremble.


Tremble builds a Terror Mound, granting him increased subterfuge in the form of invisibility, movement speed, and regeneration.
  • Target Position - Trees
  • Type: 600
  • Range: 400
  • Mana cost: 110
  • Cooldown:60/50/40/30 seconds
Create and tunnel through Terror Mounds. Terror Mounds grant Invisibility with a 2 second Fade Time, 15/20/25/30% Move Speed, and 2/4/6/8 Health Regeneration. Also gain the ability to Terror Port every 120/100/80/60 seconds between Mounds.

Maximum of 3/5/7/9 Terror Mounds.

Passively adds attack damage and the Impalers effect on attack.

  • Type: Passive
Passively adds 5/10/15/20 Attack Damage and causes your attacks to inflict -10/-20/-30/-40% Move Speed.

In addition, your attacks deal 5/10/15/20 Bonus Magic Damage and Heal to enemies you have not attacked in 2 seconds.

Hive Mind
Permanently summon Shudder to aid you in battle.

  • Target Unit - No Target
  • Mana cost: 140
  • Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds
Summon Shudder at your location. If Shudder is already summoned, kills the previous Shudder and resummons it.

Shudder has 50/75/100 Attack Damage, 800/1100/1400 HP, 350/375/400 Movement Speed, and 1/1.5/2 second Ensnare. His Razor Carapace grants 10/20/30 Deflection and -2/-4/-6 Armor on attack.

He has access to the same level of Terror Form and Impalers as Tremble.